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What We’re Drinking | December 2, 2016

What We're Drinking

It’s officially the season. You know, the one where people like to say things in archaic phrases such as “‘Tis the season.” And even though it’s still 80 degrees in the southeast right now, christmas trees and lights have adorned the neighborhoods. The cold outside may help create a sense of the season for some people, but the warmth outside won’t stop us from feeling the holiday spirit. This week we tip back our glasses as we welcome the final month of 2016. This is What We’re Drinking.

Focal Banger | The Alchemist


“#nom Happy Thanksgiving all!” – Desiree Duzich

La Resolution | Unibroue


“Absolutely delicious bottle refermented dark ale. Little roasted, slightly sweet malt — hints of toffee, ginger and spice, and a nice carbonated kiss. It’s medium bodied but it goes down as easy as lemonade on a hot summer day. 5/5…terrific!” – Mathew Powers

Coconut IPA | VisionQuest Brewing Co.


“If only every beer I drank had a puggle wearing a spacesuit on it” – K.C. Cunilio

Dui Cochi | Avery Brewing Co.


“BBA w/ Coconut, spices and bit o pumpkin. It is exceedingly delicious. Little sweet, little boozy, little spicy; delicate, yet  robust. Bottled 10/31…18.6% ABV.” – Mathew Powers

Sour Brainless on Pineapple | Epic Brewing Co. 


“This is likely the most sour Epic beer I have ever tried. Initially, when it was cold the pineapple was very subtle. Once it warmed the tropical fruit compliments the heavy tartness. Cheers!” – Chris Hollands

Framboise | Une Année


“Really nice sour. Punch in the teeth tartness with a hint of raspberry on the finish.” – Dan Bortz

Sweet Potato Casserole Strong Ale | Funky Buddha Brewery


“I am enjoying this twist on fall beers it’s not overly spicy and the sweet potato is the star of the show just like in the dish” – Jose Minaya

Java Cask Rye | Victory Brewing Co.


“Coffee Stout aged in rye whiskey barrels. If you’re not jealous, you’re wrong.” – Dan Bortz

Pliny the Elder | Russian River Brewing Co.


“Pretty darn fresh. The best way.” – Justin Carter

Skillet Donut Stout | Burial Beer Co.


“One of my favorite stouts from one of my favorite breweries. Accompanied by a donut hole, and possibly a drizzle of rum barrel aged maple syrup” – Danele Bova

Bourbon County Brand Stout | Goose Island


“It’s after Thanksgiving so Merry Christmas is now appropriate.” – Mike Zoller

Snowed in | Copper Kettle Brewing Co.


“The bourbon and chocolate really shine with low carbonation” – Chris Day

RuinTen | Stone Brewing Co.


“Switzerland is awesome but not being in the USA for Thanksgiving is not awesome.  Ruin Ten makes my head spin which is a welcome taste of home.” – Niel Stender

Everything Rhymes with Orange | Roughtail Brewing Co.


“I imagine if you let an orange get old, ferment on the inside and stab it with a straw: this is what it would taste like. In the best way, of course.” – Ross Larwood

Chocolate Rain | The Bruery


“2012 chocolate rain is drinking incredibly. No heat, so smooth. It’s easily the best beer I’ve cellared. Dangerously almost 20%” – Brady Akers

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