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The Best Gifts for Beer Lovers This Holiday

The Best Gifts for Beer Lovers This Holiday
Carly Mento

The last-minute gifting countdown has begun! Forget someone on your list? Still looking for that epic, thoughtful item? We’ve got a short-list of the best gift ideas for your craft beer loving recipients this year, from small and subtle to pin-pointed perfection!


Beer Scented Soap

At first read, you might not be convinced. But, if you think (like a beer-lover) about all the natural ingredients that go into craft-beer making, you might quickly one-eighty and agree that this is a pretty strategic gift. Keep your recipient fresh, clean and crafty with bars like these!


Hop-Scented Candle

We all know a craft beer lover who sniffs before s/he drinks. They love the aromatics accompanying their liquids and cannot experience craft without this step. So, send them some nose candy that will create some serious nostalgia! We think they’ll really dig this one, but try your local natural stores for more options.


Personalized Growler

For those who brew, or those who are often found at a brewery: Growlers are an easy way to fill-up on your favorite craft beers of the moment. Why not help your beer-lover show up their drinking partners in style? We’ve got some swanky options to check out here, here and here.


Temperature Controlled Fridge

So, your buddy came back from a trip with a box full of craft beer in tow. Where does s/he put it to ensure maximum shelf-life and proper storage? A well-crafted temperature-controlled refrigerator, that’s where! You may want to do some quick research before pulling the trigger on this gift idea, but for a solid win with your recipient, we recommend Danby.


Glassware Drinking Set

Most bars serve beer on tap in a standard pint glass. But craft beer lovers know that to achieve maximum flavor, the glass choice can make all the difference. Show them you know a thing or two by gifting a starter glassware set like this one, or take it a notch further with a brand name that suggests quality and longevity for their collection.


Custom Beer Tap

Some craft beer lovers have their very own personal bar set-up with at least a tap or two ready to pour some awesome brews. If you know the person well enough, we think a nice touch that adds to their ambiance is a custom beer tap. Its functional, has sentimental value and you can never have too many!


Handmade Beer Flight

We see this as the next gifting step for the person on your list who has to have it all. Or, who already has all aforementioned items. And maybe they are also an excellent host, in which case, you’ll likely reap the benefits of gift-giving a beer flight paddle, like these on Etsy.


Books on Beer, Breweries & Brewing

Many craft beer lovers enjoy the experience of drinking the newest release from a favorite brewery, but have limited knowledge on the beer-making process. Others are naturally curious while most are familiar and fascinated with all aspects of the industry. Books on beer are always a go-to gift, especially for updated editions.


Cheers – and happy holidays!


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