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Artist Profile | Savoir Adore

Artist Profile | Savoir Adore
Caroline Thomas

It’s no secret that music lovers endured some major losses in 2016. Prince, Sharon Jones, Leonard Cohen, Merle Haggard… Bowie… and, sadly, the list goes on. But as we face the final weeks of any year, we are relieved by feelings of closure and of hope for what the new year may bring. What adventures 2017 holds for each of us is yet to be seen, but there is excitement in the unknown and comfort in the notion that we can resolve to start anew.

With that sense of adventure in mind, unveils a new regular feature. Each month, I’ll be profiling a different artist, some old, some new, in the hopes of sharing some of my favorite musical discoveries with you. Because what’s more exciting than stumbling upon or revisiting one of those special songs that you just can’t get enough of? I’ll be dipping into the archives for some old favorites, diving deep into the unknown in search of what’s new, and exploring all genres this year. Rest assured, no matter what 2017 brings, the accompanying soundtrack will be a lovely one.

While it’s not quite time to pretend to know the words to Auld Lang Syne, consider this first feature that special surprise present you open on this gift-giving eve. This month I’m profiling Brooklyn-based band Savoir Adore, whose name loosely translated from French means “to know love.”

Savoir Adore

Originally formed in 2009 by Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro, the synth-indie/pop band has since morphed to include Paul Hammer, Lauren Zettler, Alex Foots, Ben Marshall, Andrew Pertes and various guest artists. Despite changes in the lineup (Muro left the group in 2014), with Hammer at the helm, the group has managed to put out three albums, two EPs and various singles. They’ve maintained a consistency in their sound that lends credibility to a band that still feels young in all the right ways.

The song most representative of that aforementioned polished exuberance is “Giants”, the single off their latest album, The Love That Remains. Similar to iconic hits by MGMT and Foster the People, Giants is refined in terms of craftsmanship but feels like a youthful battle cry. Like an Arcade Fire song, Giants is one of those anthems you sing in a festival field full of friends, feeling infinite for a moment in time that passes but you never forget. And while they may not be billed on the big festivals just yet, I was lucky enough to catch the band at Los Angeles’ Bootleg Theater earlier this year. I can promise you that no matter the size of the room, Savoir Adore puts on a show that feels very big.

maxresdefaultOther favorites from the group include “Beating Hearts” (I highly recommend the French Horn Rebellion remix), “Savages”, and “Devotion” (for the St. Lucia lovers out there). But by far and away my favorite song by Savoir Adore is the aptly-named: “Dreamers”. Full of whimsy, Hammer’s verses threaten to wake you from a fairytale (in a good way) but Muro soothes us back to dreamland. The vocals are seamless and full of charisma. A dreamer’s lullaby, Dreamers is a warm hug on a cold night that whispers “everything’s alright.”




If you’re in the New York area, you can catch Savoir Adore at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory on New Year’s Eve. For future dates or other info, check out their website:

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