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Around the Bend | Vera Pistachio Cream Ale, New Cans and Parties

Around the Bend | Vera Pistachio Cream Ale, New Cans and Parties

Around the Bend Beer Co. keeps expanding and releasing new beer. In 2016, Around the Bend introduced Mr. Marmalade IIPA with bitter oranges from Seville, Spain; Villainous IPA with its four yeast strains — two British and two West Coast; and a little beer called Vera, a pistachio cream ale. Vera, though, was not packaged. Why would anyone think a Pistachio beer would be popular? Well, it was. It really was. So, in spring of 2017 the beer returns and will be sold in cans. In fact — as of this spring all of the beer from Around the Bend will arrive to stores in the form of 12 oz canned goodies.

Around the Bend will be part of, or hosting, several events to commemorate the return of Vera and introduce its cans to the world.

Around the Bend Shows Us Its Cans

Around the Bend launched packaged beer with 6-packs of bottles in the fall of 2015. However, Around the Bend explained in a press release, “Even a few years ago a debate raged in the craft beer community about the propriety of quality beer in cans. No more. Consumers have spoken. They want cans! And we’re happy to oblige. Starting in mid-March, cans will start appearing on shelves all over Chicagoland.” So, it’s bye-bye bottles, hello cans.

Around the Bend Cans
Photo Credit: Around the Bend

The Return of Vera Pistachio Cream Ale

ABV: 5.2% | IBU: 13.5 | OG: 1.050 | GU/BU: 0.250

Last year, Around the Bend brewed a small, 20 bbl, batch of a new, cream ale flavored with pistachios. In just a week and a half, the entire batch of draft beer was gone; fans of the beer (and bar owners!) clamoured for its return. The wait is over and, this time, it will be available in cans as well as on draft.

Alongside the Pistachio, Vera is comprised of Tettnang hops, as well as malts consisting of Maris Otter, 2 Row, Cara-Pils, Caravienne and Corn. And, since it can now be given a good home in one’s fridge, feel free to enjoy it with lisu-spice rubbed pork, light nutty cheeses or a lemon custard tart.

Around the Bend Vera

Around the Bend is hosting and attending several events to celebrate the return of Vera and introduce its cans.

The move to cans and the introduction of another widely distributed beer is yet another step forward for the brewery approaching its 2nd anniversary.

At first, in May, 2015, the brewery joined the crowded Chicagoland market by partnering with wholesale partner Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. Around the Bend followed that relationship by signing with LaMonica Beverage one year later, which brought its beer to the Rockford area. One month later (June, 2016), Stern Beverage introduced the folks in the Quad Cities (population 475,000, located 2.5 hours west of Chicago) to Around the Bend brews.

If that’s not enough, Chicago’s Around the Bend notes, “Plans are underway… to begin construction of a new brewing facility that will include an expansive taproom and beer garden for fans of the brewery to experience the brews where they are crafted. A 2018 opening is anticipated.”

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