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Revolution Caps Off Deep Wood Series with Half Acre Collab

Revolution Caps Off Deep Wood Series with Half Acre Collab
Mike Zoller

To wrap up their 2020-21 Deep Wood release, Revolution Brewing decided to go with two non-stouts, featuring an Imperial Rye Porter made in collaboration with Half Acre as well as a spin on their popular Ryewine Ale by putting it into Apple Brandy barrels.

When the Deep Wood series was announced, this release was highlighted with a TBD collaboration that had people guessing who Revolution might be working with. When it was announced that they were working with Half Acre, they also mentioned that the collaboration was just part one of a two-part release.

The two beers cap off a very successful Deep Wood series for Revolution, with people clicking as fast as they could to score the coveted four-packs. While many of the variants sold out the day or week they were released, some of the more widely made variants like Deth’s Tar, Café Deth, Straight Jacket, and others are still available for curbside pick-up on Revolution’s website.

It should also be noted that while this is the last Deep Wood release that was a part of the 2020-21 scheduled release, the last couple of summers Revolution has had one or two releases of big barrel-aged beers.

Two years ago, they released Strawberry Jacket and Honey Jacket during the summer, while this past summer they released Supermassive Café Deth. While no more Deep Wood releases have been announced yet for the summer, I would assume we’d see something coming from the brewery when the temperature is warmer.

On & On: Part 1

This Imperial Rye Porter is the first of two beers that Revolution and Half Acre are releasing together. Pouring a dark amber color, which eventually settles to the black which we’re accustomed to, the beer is true to the Porter style. It features malt-forward flavors with a nice rye spiciness to it thanks to the three different types of rye the breweries used in the production.

The one-year rest in Willett Bourbon barrels gives this beer more an additional layer of flavor combining the bourbon notes of vanilla, oak, and tobacco with the rye. It’s a complex profile that hits you right up front and fades away as you finish the sip.

I got the spice and heat on the roof of my mouth right away and then the beer finished more with the cocoa and roasted malt. While I’m used to having Rye Ales finish spicy, this was a surprise but it didn’t make the beer any less enjoyable.

At 14% ABV, it’s pretty easy to drink thanks in large part to a remarkably velvety smooth texture that makes this beer go down easy. After Part 1, I’m definitely looking forward to Part 2.

Apple Brandy Ryeway

Apple Brandy barrels are something you don’t see too often in barrel-aging beer. They feature prominent notes that can be difficult to balance with the beer that goes into them. Rev decided to put their well-known Rye Ale into these barrels for the last release.

On the aroma, you’ll be hit with a strong whiff of green apples that lets you know these are Apple Brandy barrels being used. While the aroma hits you with apples, the flavor is much more balanced. It’s definitely a sweeter Rye Ale than what we’ve come to know from Revolution and that will be how people define this beer. Do you like sweet or do you want more spice?

For me, I’ve always been a huge fan of Ryeway to Heaven. Those great Rye spice notes combined with the barrel provide a beer that I love to sip on while watching a movie or reading by the fire. Apple Brandy Ryeway is a bit too sweet for me. While I’m glad that the flavor isn’t as sweet as the aroma might make it out to be, I’d take a Ryeway over Apple Brandy Ryeway.

There’s very little spice in this beer with the apple sweetness and other dried-fruit notes taking over the flavor profile. If you had Deth by Cherries and wanted a beer that was more fruit-forward and less barrel heat, then you’ll be a fan of Apple Brandy Ryeway. At 12.4% ABV, it’s one of the lowest ABVs in the Deep Wood release this year.

At the time of publishing, both beers had sold out individually, but Revolution is offering a package deal with a four-pack of each that also includes a gold tap handle and an On & On glass for $110. A link to that package can be found here.

Throughout the 2020-21 Deep Wood release, we saw Revolution continue to get more creative with the barrel-aged series. Varying up the barrels and adjuncts, from Mineshaft Gap to Double Barrel V.S.O.D. to Apple Brandy Ryeway, Revolution has found a groove under the direction of Marty Scott and continues to feature one of the best barrel programs in the city.

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