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Odyssey Beerwerks | Passion Fruit 5535 IPA

Odyssey Beerwerks | Passion Fruit 5535 IPA
Holly Priestley

Photo Courtesy of Odyssey Beerwerks

Most breweries I’ve visited keep some sort of “Idea List” hanging around for different beer ideas and flavor combinations. Sometimes these lists are left exclusively to the employees of the brewery and sometimes they welcome ideas from their customers. In this particular instance, Chris Hill, the founder of Odyssey Beerwerks spent some vacation time in the British Virgin Islands drinking almost exclusively passion fruit – which leads us to our profile of a particular selection on their idea list.

Joe Savage, the head brewer, decided that the passion fruit flavor would work best with the citrusy qualities given by the mosaic and centennial hops already found in their 5535 IPA. They added passion fruit puree during the brewing process and the result is a perfect springtime beer: The Passion Fruit 5535 IPA!

The Passion Fruit 5535 is clear and golden yellow. It smells a bit fruity and tart but not in an overwhelming way. You can definitely taste the passion fruit without it being too sweet or hit-you-over-the-head juicy. It’s bright and sweet up front with a piney and crisp aftertaste.

This beer is perfect for the warm spring days we’ve been having lately and it has taken off like a jet plane heading to the islands! It is flying off the shelf… err… shooting out of the tap every time I swing in to visit the brewery so be sure to stop in soon before they run out!

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