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Sixpoint Brewery | Righteous Barrel-Aged Rye Ale

Sixpoint Brewery | Righteous Barrel-Aged Rye Ale

Spring came very late this year, which delayed my normal drinking schedule a bit. By Easter, I’ve typically transitioned to pilsners, session IPAs and goses, but this year’s cooler temperatures had me settling back into my winter routine. It may have been fate when Sixpoint Brewery‘s Righteous Barrel-Aged Rye found its way into my fridge, and it was a welcome sight during this unseasonably cool, rainy spring.

My feelings about “cold weather” beers are well documented, so it may come as a surprise to you that I rather enjoyed this beer. Righteous is brewed with three types of rye malt and then aged in a combination of Woodford Reserve Rye and Widow Jane Bourbon barrels.

Righteous pours a slightly hazy brown with a modest off-white head. When you stick your nose in the glass, you get a snootful of bourbon, vanilla and caramel aromas. A few sips will reveal plenty of spicy rye, which has been smoothed out and enhanced by the Woodford Reserve barrels. There are also layers of vanilla, maple and a very slight bourbon-y sweetness coming from those Widow Jane barrels.

ABV: 10.5%

This beer finishes boozy, warm and smooth, and the 10.5% ABV leaves you feeling—well—righteous.

Righteous’ sturdy and complex flavor profile would stand up well against a nice medium-bodied cigar. Is there really any better way to wait out a cool spring rainstorm?

That’s right. There isn’t.

I suggest that you go find a few of these before the spring turns to summer. You wouldn’t want to waste the last of the cool spring nights without a Righteous Barrel-Aged Rye in your hand! Just be warned that the barrel-aging makes this beer drinkably smooth, so it’s best to enjoy this brew on the porch instead of on a big night out. Cheers!


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