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Yakima Chief Hops Announces the Pink Boots Blend for 2020

Yakima Chief Hops Announces the Pink Boots Blend for 2020

Starting in 2017, Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) and members of the Pink Boots Society (PBS) meet up at the Great American Beer Festival for a unique event, aptly named the Annual Hop Rub. YCH brings the best of their hop harvest, carefully laid out on tables for attendees to smell, touch and taste, with the goal of selecting the annual Pink Boots Society hop blend.

Photo Courtesy of Pink Boots Society

“It was a real treat to gather together with Pink Boots members from across the country and take a hands-on role in the hop rub process to select the 2020 Pink Boots blend,” said Caroline Wallace, deputy director of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, who attended this year’s event. “Getting to rub and smell each hop sample and then see how they played together in various blends was a really fun and educational experience.”


At the end of the event, the final blend is voted on with the winner this year consisting of Azacca®, El Dorado®, Idaho Gem™, and Loral®, creating a blend with tropical, citrus and piney aromatic qualities. Pink Boots blend is currently available to pre-order until December 15, 2019, ensuring the blend will arrive in time for Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day events held annually on or around International Women’s Day.

Sale of the blend is PBS’s largest fundraiser for their scholarship program and sales are open to all breweries, even those that do not participate in a Collaboration Brew Day. Be sure to let your favorite brewery know about this amazing blend and encourage them to do a collaboration brew with the ladies of Pink Boots!

Pink Boots Society is an international nonprofit and USA tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. We assist, encourage and inspire women, beer professionals, to advance their careers through education. Our 2,700+ members in the US and countries around the world are the beer industry leaders of tomorrow, and they inspire women consumers to choose beer as their adult beverage of choice. Sign up for our e-newsletters, shop our exclusive Pink Boots products, and more at

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