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Temperance Beer Co. | Might Meets Right

Temperance Beer Might Meets Right

Barrel-aged stouts were once a rarity but have now become increasingly easier to procure. But, just like all craft beer styles, the flavors that define these stouts have evolved. For the longest time, high ABV and intense flavors of spirits was the goal. Now, many breweries are making barrel-aged stouts that mimic candy and desserts.

The increases in availability haven’t reduced the demand for these rich, robust stouts and Temperance Beer Co. out of Evanston, IL keeps their fans coming back for more with an amazing barrel-aged stout called Might Meets Right.

Crafting the perfect barrel-aged stout takes patience, skill and a keen sense of what your customers want. Temperance appears to have all of these characteristics as Might Meets Right checks every box on the list of what is desired in this style.

Might Meets Right has been aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels and provides an aroma of rich dark chocolate with just a hint of the sweetness of vanilla and oak. The flavor will catch you by surprise as it is a bit sweeter than expected. The taste is bold with oak, bourbon, vanilla and dark chocolate. There is just a bit of roast which helps increase the dessert-like character.

Might Meets Right Heaven Hill

The only thing that gets craft beer fans more excited than barrel-aged stouts is variants that add in additional flavors: Temperance doesn’t disappoint with their variants of Might Meets Right.

La Sopresa – This version adds a kick of heat with three types of chilies (Ancho, New Mexico and Arbol) along with roasted cacao, cinnamon and vanilla beans. The result is a spicy, sweet Stout.

Hot Cocoa – The sweetness of marshmallows perfectly compliments the dark chocolate flavors in Might Meets Right making this the ideal dessert beer. 

Coconut Almond – Memories of a certain almond and coconut candy bar is what you’ll experience when drinking this variant.

The only downside is that these amazing beers are only available once a year. So when given the chance, don’t miss the opportunity to grab some of each version of this amazing barrel-aged stout. You might end up ranking this style of beer among the best. 

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