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Loveland Aleworks | Death Wobble Imperial Coffee Porter

Loveland Aleworks | Death Wobble Imperial Coffee Porter
Bryan Oldham

When the calendar turns to April, Colorado inevitably experiences lovely 70-plus degree days followed by the occasional two-day blizzard. This year followed that pattern, only to be accompanied with myriad COVID-19 issues. Thankfully, many breweries throughout the state of Colorado kept brewing beer, offering take-out and delivery options, all while continuing to release new beers. Loveland Aleworks is one such brewery. 

Loveland Aleworks recently released the perfect beer to keep up with Colorado’s April mood swings: Death Wobble, an imperial coffee porter. Boasting a well-rounded, hefty body, Death Wobble looks like it would be a heavy beer to drink, but it’s surprisingly light and extremely balanced. Like most of the offerings from Loveland Aleworks, this beer hits all the right notes. 

Photo Courtesy of Loveland Aleworks
Photo contributed by Loveland Aleworks


Death Wobble pours heavy and dark, looking thicker than it actually drinks. The pitch-black body gives way to a caramel brown foam head, making you wonder if you’re drinking beer or a frothy cup of cold brew coffee. Given how frothy and light the beer’s head appears, one might think this beer is nitrogenated. It’s not, but it sure looks that way.


The best part of waking up is (sometimes) Death Wobble in your cup. As you pour this beer, the aroma is of light-to-medium roast cup of coffee, but as the beer settles, more subtle notes arise: alongside the roasted coffee are undertones of toasted oats and a touch of chocolate. 


Death Wobble Coffee Porter is smooth. Smooth like creamy peanut butter. Smooth like untouched snow. Smooth like Don Draper in a client meeting. 

At the outset, the beer’s flavor strikes closer to a coffee pale ale. It’s light and airy off the bat, but after a few sips, the heft of the toasted oats and roast coffee come through. From the get, you may not realize you’re drinking an imperial porter. However, as you drink the beer and it approaches room temperature, the imperial side of the beer comes out and continues to make its presence known. That roasted, dark flavor comes at you fast, but it is also what one expects and appreciates in a well-balanced imperial porter. 

Photo contributed by Cadbury

Consider pairing this beer with a Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg (it was certainly appropriate in April), as this porter goes perfectly with chocolate. The finish delivers an imperial bite reminiscent of barrel-aged beers, and that bite satisfies.

It’s no surprise that Loveland Aleworks has crafted another technically-proficient porter. With its deceptively light body and relatively high ABV (7.3% ABV), you could justify making Death Wobble your breakfast, your dessert, or something in between.

Featured image courtesy of Loveland Aleworks.

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