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2020 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

2020 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

As if the year 2020 weren’t already crazy enough, America is now gearing up for one of the most volatile and highly contested presidential election cycles in modern history. Tonight marks the first of three Presidential Debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And while the initial showdown is sure to touch on a multitude of critical topics from the Supreme Court, to the handling of the pandemic, race and violence to the integrity of our elections, it’s also sure to feature some of the caricature-esque qualities that each candidate has come to be known for.

As such, we always aim to bring a bit of levity to moments of division and tension, so we’re back once again to help add a little fun to the festivities. Without further ado, your 2020 Presidential Debate Drinking Game.

Looking for a 2020 Election Night Drinking Game? We’ve Got You Covered!

Special thanks to Emma Wargolet, Drew Troller, Erin Petrey, Mathew Powers and Chea Franz for their contributions to this post.


Take One Drink Anytime Trump Says…

  • “Yuge” or “tremendous”
  • “China Flu” or “Kung Flu”
  • “Fake News”
  • “Rigged”
  • “Excuse Me”
  • Anything creepy about women
  • Anything racist or xenophobic 


Take One Drink Anytime Biden Says…

  • “Obama”
  • “Kamala”
  • “Malarkey”
  • “Mask”
  • Something incoherent
  • Anything creepy about women
  • “Jill and I”
  • “Beau”


Take One Drink Anytime Chris Wallace…

  • Tries to stop a candidate from speaking but fails
  • Says “the economy”
  • Mentions Fox News
  • Takes his glasses off
  • Makes the audience laugh

Time to Get Interactive

  • At the start, if you paid more than $750.00 in federal income taxes last year, take a drink. 
  • If either candidate thanks Chris Wallace to start the debate… take one drink and thank everyone in the room who’s also participating in tonight’s drinking game.
  • If Trump is wearing a red tie, everyone drinks. If Biden is wearing a blue tie, everyone drinks.
  • If either one of the candidates is NOT wearing a flag lapel pin, you must keep drinking while internally reciting the entire Pledge of Allegiance.
  • If Trump says he’s the biggest, best, greatest, most incredible at something, call a random number in your phone and tell that person what you’re the greatest at, hang up, then take a drink.
  • Whenever someone mentions “pandemic”, “Fauci”, “COVID”, “virus”, “vaccine”, “unprecedented”, or “new normal”, stop drinking and put on a mask until another one of those words is said, at which point you can take off your mask and take a drink. (It’s like backwards Thunder.)
  • Any time Trump’s taxes are brought up, each person gives out a drink tax to the person of their choosing. 
  • If either candidate says something incoherent, throw something at the TV and take a drink. 
  • If TikTok is mentioned, hop on Instagram and send a video of yourself taking a drink to your last DM.
  • If Trump mentions Biden’s basement, hide under a chair until his time is up. 
  • If Trump says “China” and pronounces it “Jyna”, take a shot of baijiu or, at the very least drink, some Tiger Beer. 
  • If Trump mentions audit, grab your wallet, count your cash, and take a drink for each $20 bill you have. 
  • If hydroxychloroquine, bleach, or convalescent plasma are mentioned, get up and wash your hands for 20 seconds. 
  • If either candidate references Russia take a shot of vodka and yell “Na Zdorovie!”
  • If Trump says “socialism,” have a friend hand you a drink.
  • The first time Hillary Clinton’s name comes up… write an email to your Representative in Congress telling them what issue matters most to you.

More Drinks

  • If Trump references Big Ten football, shotgun your beer.
  • If RBG is mentioned, do three push-ups in her honor then take three drinks.
  • If Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Jacob Blake, or Ahmaud Arbery are brought up, donate the cost of your beer (or more) to the NAACP, ACLU, or social justice organization then be sure to support a Black-owned Brewery near you.
  • If Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is mentioned, hand out 8 drinks for the number of seats currently filled.
  • If Trump acknowledges that he’ll refuse to vacate the presidency should he lose, then tear up your copy of the American Constitution and finish everything in your liquor cabinet. 

*Update* – Please keep in mind this was created for comedic purposes and that and its staff do not actually encourage that you fully adhere to the rules listed above as they may end disastrously. Please drink responsibly.

Looking for a 2020 Election Night Drinking Game? We’ve Got You Covered!

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