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60+ Black-Owned Breweries to Support Across the Country

Black is Beautiful

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, people across the country have been supporting the Black Lives Matter movement through protests, donations, signing petitions, calling their representatives, and more. But one more way to more directly make the craft beer industry a more diverse and welcoming community is by actively spending your money at Black-owned breweries.

Many breweries have been vocal in their support of the Black community, raising money through selling merchandise and beer, with proceeds going to different organizations. However, the craft beer industry is still predominantly white; of all craft breweries in the United States, less than one percent are Black-owned and 88% are white-owned. While there have been some recent steps in the right direction, such as the hiring of J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham as the Diversity Ambassador at the Brewers Association in 2018 and the launching of Fresh Fest, the first Black beer festival in the United States (founded by Black Brew Culture), improving diversity within the craft beer industry has a long way to go. Speaking of, due to COVID-19, Fresh Fest is going digital in 2020. Grab your tickets for a full day of programming celebrating black-owned breweries including live art, music, deejays, podcasts, brewing, cooking, speakers from across the world, and more.

While other prolific beer writers and media members like Ale Sharpton and @BlackBeerTravelers have laid the groundwork previously, we also wanted to help highlight the black-owned breweries who are doing tremendous work in beer throughout the United States. 

One reminder that this list is not meant to tokenize the black community, but rather highlight the awesome work the Black-owned breweries are doing. Please be respectful of these breweries by getting to know them as talented brewers and breweries first and supporting them simply by drinking great beer.

This list was compiled with the assistance from prior research conducted by Ale Sharpton in a piece for Thrillist, an interactive map created by @BlackBeerTravelers, and group contributions on Beer Advocate

Northeast Region

Rhythm Brewing Co. – New Haven, Connecticut

Earth Tap Brewing – Annapolis, Maryland

Joyhound Beer Co. – Baltimore, Maryland

Patuxent Brewing Co. – Waldorf, Maryland

Union Craft Brewing – Baltimore, Maryland

67 Degrees Brewing – Franklin, Massachusetts

Brazo Fuerte – Watertown, Massachusetts

Brockton Beer Co. – Brockton, Massachusetts

Crue Brew Brewery – Raynham, Massachusetts

White Lion Brewing Co. – Springfield, Massachusetts

Four City Brewing Co. – Orange, New Jersey

Hackensack Brewing – Hackensack, New Jersey

Montclair Brewery – Montclair, New Jersey

DaleView Biscuits & Beer – Brooklyn, New York

Harlem Blue Beer – New York City, New York

Harlem Brewing Co. – New York City, New York

Harris Family Brewery – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Mack Brewing Co. – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Two Locals Brewing Co. – Philadelphia *Coming Soon


Southeast Region

Earth Tap Brewing Co. – Washington, D.C.

Sankofa Beer Co. – Washington, D.C.

Soul Mega – Washington, D.C.

Green Bench Brewing Co. – St. Petersburg, Florida

Atlantucky Brewing – Hapeville, Georgia

Down Home Brewing – Atlanta, Georgia

Khonso Brewing – Atlanta, Georgia

Hippin’ Hops Brewery and Oyster Bar – Atlanta, Georgia

Our Culture Brewing – Atlanta, Georgia

Brew & Feed – Mooresville, North Carolina

Dirtbag Ales – Hope Mills, North Carolina

Harlem Brew South – Rocky Mount, North Carolina *Coming Soon

Rocky Mount Brewery – Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Spaceway Brewing Co. – Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Beale Street Brewing Company – Memphis, Tennessee

Negus Beer – Alexandria, Virginia

1865 Brewing Co – Hampton, Virginia

Midwest Region

Black Horizon Brewing Co. – Willowbrook, Illinois

Englewood Brewing – Chicago, Illinois


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18th Street Brewery – Gary, Indiana

Cognito Brewery – Merrillville, Indiana

Backstep Brewing – Crawfordsville, Indiana

Hop River Brewing Co. – Fort Wayne, Indiana

734 Brewing – Ypsilanti, Michigan

Arctic Circle Brewing – Chesterfield, Michigan *Coming Soon

Black Calder Brewing Co. – Kentwood, Michigan

Black Fire Winery & Brewery – Tecumseh, Michigan *Coming Soon

Montgomery Brewing – Montgomery, Minnesota

Alematic Artisan Ales – Huber Heights, Ohio

Black Frog Brewery – Holland, Ohio

Cincy Brewing – Cincinnati, Ohio

Esoteric Brewing Co. – Cincinnati, Ohio

Flatrock Brewing/Distilling Co. – Napoleon, Ohio

Vanessa House Beer Co. – Oklahoma City


South Region

Gravity BrewWorks – Big Flat, Arkansas

Kitsune Brewing Company – Phoenix, Arizona

Cajun Fire – New Orleans, Louisiana

Nexus Brewery – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Urban Jungle Brewing – Austin, Texas *Coming Soon

Blackman Brewing – Dallas, Texas

Island to Island Brewing – Dallas, Texas

For the Culture Brewing Co. – Houston, Texas

Smittox Brewing – Irving, Texas *Coming Soon

Weathered Souls Brewing Co. – San Antonio, Texas

Seguin Brewing – Seguin, Texas

Weathered Souls Brewing Co. has spearheaded the “Black” Is Beautiful initiative. Breweries will be brewing their version of this beer, with proceeds going to their local foundations that support police brutality reform and legal defenses. Read more about the initiative here

Mountain Region

Hogshead Brewery – Denver, Colorado

Novel Strand Brewing Co. – Denver, Colorado


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Outworld Brewing – Longmont, Colorado

Policy Kings – Cedar City, Utah

Pacific Region

Black Orchid Brewing – Manteca, California

Chula Vista Brewery – Chula Vista, California

Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. – Inglewood, California

Full Circle Brewing Co. – Fresno, California

Hella Coastal – Oakland, California

Oak Park Brewing – Sacramento, California

People’s Republic of South Central – Los Angeles, California

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers – San Francisco, California

Urban Roots Brewing – Sacramento, California

Warcloud Brewing Co. – Los Angeles, California

7Five Brewing – Las Vegas, Nevada

Assembly Brewing – Portland, Oregon

Métier Brewing Co. – Woodinville, Washington


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There are many places without a Black-owned brewery for miles. If you are located in one of these areas, find out if a brewery near you is brewing Black Is Beautiful, and if you are financially able, donate to one of the above breweries’ GoFundMe fundraisers (created initially for COVID-19 relief). There is still a lot of work to be done, but supporting local Black-owned breweries is one small action we can take. 

If you know of any additional breweries that are Black-owned within the United States, please reach out to us so we can update the list!

This list has been updated as of January 31, 2021.

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  1. Shukry Lama

    Another black owned brewery is Speakeasy in San Francisco. Ces Butner bought the brewery and saved most of the employees after the former owner bankrupted the business.

  2. Craig A Reynolds

    Fine with the ones who aren’t trying to play off of race. It’s quite inconsequential

  3. Greg Harris

    If a brewery produces a good hoppy NE IPA, I’m going to try it no matter what the color or race of the brewmaster or owner. Race plays no part in my decision making process.

  4. Colin

    Agreed that race matters not to the quality of the brew. Nor do things like name or can art, but they may influence my selection if I’m selecting a random sixer.

    One thing to consider is how you choose to try a new place: For me it is mostly location or recommendation. Think about how either of those might have implicit bias, and take this as an invitation to maybe just have a taste of a brewer that might just be outside of your bubble for no good reason.

    Too bad there is no Michigan on this list…

  5. Curt R

    The two in Dallas do not exist, and the one in Irving does not either. You can take these three off until they open or move here.

  6. Don’t forget the great Backstep in Indiana.

  7. John Wallace

    I think it’s important to also highlight breweries like Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg, NY, where the master brewer Garrett Oliver, is also African American. Garrett is not only an internationally recognized beer expert, but also an author and chef in his own right.

  8. David Noel

    Nexus Brewery in Albuquerque. NM needs to be added to yourvlist.

  9. You have left out Abby Creek winery in Oregon!

  10. Susan

    And we are now writing Black, not black. Just like Asian, Latin.
    Beers is great in all colors. Cheers!

  11. Maren

    Yes, I was going to say that Nexus Brewery in Albuquerque should be on the list. Great beer and great food!

  12. Karen

    Union Craft in Baltimore is co owned. I live in the area and i don’t see black influence in any of their beers. The one black owner is hardly empahasized on the ads here so you would never know unless you are told.

  13. I am a Los Angeles based food vendor known as West Sliders who caters food at breweries. This is a great list!

  14. Emeryld

    This is a segregation practice and literally leads to BLACK-LISTING. Further the assumption of what a company is based on the skin color of one member is nothing short of racism in practice.

  15. Cassidy

    The site for 18th Street Brewery only lists white men on their team. Not sure why they’re on the black-owned list here.

  16. John Edwards

    Good Morning: How do I get the Delta Dirt Distillery in Helena, Arkansas added to this list? It is owned by Harvey & Donna Williams and will be opening soon. I have more information as needed.

  17. Kiran

    “Union Craft in Baltimore is co owned. I live in the area and i don’t see black influence in any of their beers. The one black owner is hardly empahasized on the ads”

    What are you talking about? He’s like a superhero in Baltimore. He’s literally the main photo of this article. You’re upset they don’t go out of their way to emphasize his blackness? Anyways, what do you mean you “don’t see black influence?” Regular breweries aren’t appropriate for black people? Are you trolling?

  18. Sean

    Cassidy, 18th Street’s owner Drew Fox identifies as Black and his Assistant Brewer and Head Brewer of a Sour Note Brewing is Hispanic.

  19. Irene

    Uhhh… you might’ve wanted to look into that Union guy before posting him all over this article…

    • Josh Ritenour

      This article was written in June of 2020. The investigation was launched and concluded in August 2020 and your linked article was written in September of 2020. This isn’t Minority Report, nobody can see crimes before they’re committed.

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