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Green Flash Brewing Co. | Saturhaze IPA

Green Flash Brewing Co. | Saturhaze IPA
Robert French

Green Flash Brewing Co., since its founding in 2002, has endured crazy growth and national expansion, as well as financial troubles and company restructuring. So when they asked me to try Saturhaze, it intrigued me to see what they were up to.

Green Flash is responsible for some of the most iconic beers to come from San Diego. West Coast IPA, Hop Head Red, Le Freak and Silva Stout are just a few of the beers that propelled them to the next level. Today is a new day and that calls for a new beer, Saturhaze Hazy IPA might be just the beer.

Saturhaze IPA comes in at 4.2% ABV. The description says hazy, but this beer really just more on the cloudy side. The aroma is full of tropical and citrus fruits. The body is full, and you would be hard-pressed to guess the ABV was that low as it is. It finishes with a nice bit of hop bitterness that makes this a beer you want to come back to again and again. The Saturhaze is available year round and offers IPA fans a hop-forward beer that is lower ABV. This is a perfect beer to keep stocked in your fridge this summer.

Green Flash also introduced Haze the beer dog on Instagram to help spread the word. So if you like to pair your beer with a K9, be sure to check it out.

Green Flash helped put San Diego on the beer map. Yes, they’ve had their missteps and no doubt have disappointed many of their fans. However you feel about their history, it’s great to see them back on the shelves with a super relevant beer that checks all the boxes for flavor and style. Saturhaze is a well-crafted beer that deserves a little of the spotlight.

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