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Hacienda Beer Co. | Back To The Flow Hazy IPA

Hacienda Beer Co. Back To The Flow Hazy IPA
Jason Murphy

Door County Brewing Company opened in 2013 and started out brewing more traditional styles with a focus on Belgian beers. Those brands were doing well, but the brew team at Door County wanted to start trying some new and more innovative styles, such as Hazy IPAs and Pastry Stouts that wouldn’t typically fit under the Door County brand. Enter Hacienda Beer Company.

Same Company, Different Names

Hacienda Beer Company was created in 2017 after acquiring a separate license. Hacienda began to experiment and crank out styles that wouldn’t normally be brewed by Door County.

A contract partner brews most of the Door County beers these days. All Hacienda beers are brewed on their 15 bbl system in Baileys Harbor, WI. “Hacienda will make about forty different beers a year while keeping only 1 flagship brand, and Door County has five year-round beers,” said Scott Krebsbach, director of brewery operations.

Having the freedom to brew unique and unconventional beer styles is truly amazing! It allows for endless creativity and the opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional brewing. You’re not confusing consumers by going in two different directions with different styles of beer.

We all know and love those breweries that are dedicated to brewing Lagers for instance. On your next visit, if you were to only find Hazy IPAs on the menu, you might be inclined to find that niche you’re looking for at another place. Keeping your identity intact is very important.

Back To The Flow

One such beer produced by Hacienda Beer Company is a Hazy IPA called Back To The Flow. It features the rare New Zealand Nectaron hop, imparting a remarkable tropical profile.

Originating from a malt bill rich in pilsner malt and malted wheat, ensuring a smooth and robust base. “We then incorporate Mosaic in the whirlpool, infusing it with profound berry, mango and citrus notes,” said Scott. As fermentation progresses, a dry hop of Strata is introduced, creating a flavor romance of strawberry and grapefruit.

The journey doesn’t end there though. A second dry hop of Nectaron and Motueka are introduced, creating pineapple and stone fruit flavors, punctuated by a subtle hint of lime.

Image provided by Hacienda Beer Company

Using Apex Hazy yeast makes this beer even more complex. The yeast accentuates the citrus and stone fruit notes while ensuring the beer remains incredibly smooth and drinkable. The end result is a masterful symphony of flavors that impart strawberry, lime and notes of stone fruit that will have your taste buds singing!

Winner, Winner!

Meticulously crafted flavors aren’t the only thing this beer boasts. Back To The Flow won the coveted title of Best IPA out of 41 breweries at the 2023 Wisconsin IPA Fest put on by Third Space Brewing.

After consecutive years of achieving runner up, and placing third at last year’s fest, Hacienda finally brought home first place with Back To The Flow.

Image provided by Third Space Brewing Company

Blind tastings are done and judged by peers and brewers throughout the state. It’s quite an honor for any brewery to win an award, but especially amongst so many other great breweries from around the area.

Not that they need any affirmation, but this is a great compliment to Scott and head brewer Connor Heckler who create all the recipes. “It’s a collaborative effort between the two of us. Connor usually takes the lead, then I review it and tell him NO we can’t do that, because it costs too much money,” joked Scott. Thankfully, they typically end up coming up with a compromise.

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