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NoDa Brewing Company Unveils Vibrant New Look

NoDa Brewing Company Unveils Vibrant New Look
Jason Murphy

NoDa Brewing Company is thrilled to announce an exciting brand refresh as it embarks on a new era aimed at broadening its appeal and solidifying its position as “The Beer of The Carolinas.”

New Look, Who This?

The refresh for the Charlotte, NC-based Noda Brewing Company is part of their strategic effort to resonate with a wider audience — from casual beer drinkers to craft beer enthusiasts — while retaining its commitment to quality and its core values.

This major announcement follows the company’s strategic shift in distribution in the Raleigh-Durham area last year to accommodate its rapid growth throughout the Carolinas.

The refresh features a fresh, bold visual identity. NoDa Brewing Company’s logo has been redesigned for clarity and impact. Beer packaging will showcase vibrant colors and artistic illustrations. Half of the can will be dedicated to the beer’s name, and the other half to the new artwork.

Image provided by NoDa Brewing Company

As you can tell from the image above, significant work has been put into the redesign. The new branding features bright, vivid colors alongside beautifully crafted artwork. You could easily spot this on a crowded supermarket shelf! Sometimes that’s all it takes.

The Same Great Beer!

Despite these visual changes, the company’s mission, vision and values remain unchanged. “We are the same brewery, making the same great beer, just with a new look,” said Jacob Virgil, director of strategic development.

The decision for this refresh was fueled by comprehensive research and feedback. This was conducted in partnership with CODO Design, an Indianapolis-based food and beverage branding firm.

We can expect to see the new packaging rolling out this month. NoDa Brewing Company will seamlessly transition to the new design, utilizing existing inventory before fully adopting the new packaging.

Image provided by NoDa Brewing Company

Fueled By Growth

In addition to the brand refresh, NoDa Brewing Company is nearing completion of 16,000 square feet of dry storage and additional dock space for shipping and receiving. This means being able to ship more of their liquid gold to more thirsty consumers!

“In 2023, we grew almost 25% in volume of beer sold,” explains Virgil. “We’ve been stretched to the point of breaking at the peak of the growth. Every day is a giant game of supply chain Tetris. We plan to continue growing in 2024 and beyond, and this space will allow us to do that so we can better serve our customers across the Carolinas.”

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