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11th Hour Brewing | New Cult NEIPA

11th Hour Brewing New Cult NEIPA
Jason Murphy

The state of Pennsylvania produces some of the best New England-style IPAs in the market right now. Pennsylvania might not be as well-known as some of the more northeastern states, but Pennsylvania is a hotbed for the style.

11th Hour Brewing

Nestled in the back streets of the lower Lawrenceville neighborhood, 11th Hour Brewing opened their doors in 2017 in Pittsburgh and have been brewing diverse styles from the beginning. Some of those styles are New England IPAs, Fruited Sours, Lagers and experimental styles in barrels and foeders.

Committed to delivering outstanding brews, 11th Hour takes pride in creating high-quality liquid for the enjoyment of local residents and nearby communities. Brewed with pride and crafted with quality!

“One thing to acknowledge, like most breweries, is that 11th Hour’s production team started with homebrewing experience. They continue to grow and learn through trial and error,” said Thomas Gower, sales & events coordinator for 11th Hour.

New Cult

When 11th Hour’s journey began, one of their NEIPA recipes in their portfolio was Cult Logic. Following their opening, they decided to refresh this brand, leading to the birth of New Cult. “The concept behind this revamp is to streamline and enhance the Hazy IPA experience, giving exactly what all of the Hazy beer drinkers wanted, a New Cult,” said Gower.

This reimagined approach to the IPA style focuses on simplicity. “Rather than overcomplicating the process, the production team chose to let the Citra and Mosaic hops in this IPA shine,” said Gower. Drawing inspiration from the best aspects of the original recipe, they’ve crafted this new flagship beer to showcase those flavor qualities.

Image provided by Jason Murphy

Is It Worthy Of A Cult Following?

Yinz gotta try this beer, it’s ah-mazin’! Seriously, it’s phenomenal! Ok, so hopefully we didn’t butcher the Pittsburghese too bad with that description. We wanted to do this beer and the city justice though and felt that was the best way to initially describe the beer.

As we mentioned before, New Cult is loaded with Citra and Mosaic hops. So, you know it’s going to be a juicy delight. Citrus, passionfruit and mango create a magnificent melting pot of hoptastic flavors. Citrus is the most prominent flavor throughout the hop palate party. Mosaic and Grapefruit gradually show up to help balance out the sweetness from the initial citrus. New Cult finishes with a hint of hop bitterness that seems to elevate the beer even more.

New Cult also features flaked oats and flaked wheat that combine to create an oh-so plush mouthfeel. The addition of these two ingredients helps to decrease some of the bitterness, but leaves it at just the right amount to know you’re still drinking an IPA.

Don’t just take our word for it though, go to the brewery and try it and the other offerings from 11th Hour for yourselves.

Feature Image courtesy of 11th Hour Brewing 

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