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Ultimate 6er | Social Media Networks

March 9, 2016 |

Are there two things bigger right now than social media and craft beer? Just about everyone is on social media in some way or another and the craft beer industry is seeing a new brewery open up seemingly every week. For this week’s Ultimate 6er I paired six of the most popular social media networks with a beer that I think it best represents.

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Pop Culture Week In Review 5/23 – 5/30

May 30, 2014 |

Oh, what a week. Things happened, man. Believe me. Things. 

Not good enough for you? Fine. Then taste this cornucopia of pop culture…things, and be satiated, glutton.

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Pop Culture Week In Review | TRAILERPALOOZA!

March 31, 2014 |

Spring must certainly be in the air, because this week two companies did that sexy dance and got together, toasting a fresh start with pop culture hormones abounding.

Then again, … Read More

Instagram, the Sellout?

May 13, 2013 |

Many people mourned the day that Facebook bought Instagram for a whopping 1 billion dollars (to be read in a Dr. Evil voice) a little over a year ago. They saw the sale as the beginning of the end for the independent app, and luckily their fears have been largely unfounded to date. True to his word, Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t changed much about the service in the intervening 12 or so months. That being said, the first signs of Facebook interference…um…influence are beginning to show.  Read More

Fourteen Year Old Girl Hacks Kobe Bryant’s Facebook Page

April 16, 2013 |

In a game against the Golden State Warriors Friday, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant suffered a painful and season-ending rupture of his Achilles tendon. More painful, though, is what would happen next.

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Awesomesauce- Flipboard

February 28, 2013 |

If you’re like me, you have a bit of social media overload.  Between checking my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds, AND making sure I’m caught up on my Google Reader, I can’t keep up with everything that’s going on.  That all changed when I discovered Flipboard Read More

Terms of Servicepocalypse- Instagram Edition

December 23, 2012 |

A week ago, we took a closer look at Facebook’s proposed changes to their terms of service.  This week we’ll examine a similar story- Facebook is now ruining Instagram too! Read More

Vote 2012

December 9, 2012 |

Are you voting in 2012?

Not *that* vote…you’re just a bit late for that one…

You know that paragraph all your friends have been copying and pasting on their walls, stating that they retain all their rights to the content they put on Facebook, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah?  Facebook has proposed several site changes that sparked that flurry of idiocy and they’re letting the users vote on the changes. Read More

State of the Address

July 23, 2012 |

Hi folks, we just wanted to update our PorchDrinking community real quick about some of the amazing things that have been going on around the PorchDrinking mother ship. First of … Read More