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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. | Flipside Red IPA

September 1, 2014 | 1

ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 60

You can call Labor Day the end of summer all you like, but it certainly doesn’t feel like fall. The trees will still be green for a few weeks, sweaters and jackets aren’t necessary, and sunburns are still a reality for anyone standing 4 hours in an open air stadium. However, it’s very clearly time to retire the sunny beers of summer. This week I attempted to make the switch to heavier seasonal beers and within minutes of sipping my first pumpkin ale of the year, my phone buzzed. At that precise moment the staff decided we needed to discuss drinking pumpkin beers out of season. I looked around the bar, positive someone also in search of a big beer list and 20 cent wings was ratting me out for moving to fast into Fall. Read More

Sierra Nevada – Blindfold Black IPA

May 13, 2014 |

ABV: 6.8%
IBU: 70

This past winter was a long one but thanks to the never ending options for stouts, porters and other dark delicious brews, I survived just fine. In fact, it could be said I went a bit overboard. Peanut butter milk stout? Check. Smoked vanilla porter? Check. Why drink a regular dark beer when you can add all sorts of fun ingredients to see what tastes come together? Frankly, I could not imagine not drinking the deep dark beers I’d come to love over this past winter, all year long. Enter Blindfold Black IPA.

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Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada – Rhizing Bines

March 4, 2013 |

Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada Rhizing Bines

ABV: 8%

IBUs: 70

Rhizing Bines is the delightful product of a mind meld between the kings of innovative hopping processes: Delaware’s Dogfish Head and California’s Sierra Nevada. What happens when two craft brew heavyweights from each coast combine their powers for good? Well, pretty fantastic beer, of course. This Imperial IPA is the second installation in these breweries collaborations, the first of which – the dark, maple brewed “Life & Limb” – debuted in 2009. Though I feel that more diehard hops fans will be left wanting for a bigger punch of bitterness, this is a beer that will please even those on the fence about IPAs. Read More

Ultimate 6er – Winter Warmers

January 16, 2013 |

The mercury isn’t just low in the chamber, it has actually frozen. It’s the middle of January, and it is bitter, bitter cold outside. So how in the world will you make it through the winter if you can’t hang out on your porch? By staying inside where there is heat and drinking some winter warmers, of course!

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