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Hop into Summer with Zommerhop

Hop into Summer with Zommerhop
Will Dozier

ZommerhopZommerhop –  Brouwerij de Molen from the Netherlands

Style: American IPA



Hops: Permiant and Sazz for bittering. Columbus and Cascade for aroma and flavor.

Background: Summer has hit and the temperature is rising. You are looking for a beer that will quench your thirst but still bring a citrusy hop note. Zommerhop is the perfect beer for the job. Zommerhop is brewed by a small Dutch brewery called Bourwerji de Molen (The Mill Brewery) known for the large 300 year old mill that the brewery calls home. Zomerhop is one of four seasonal IPAs made by Brouwerij de Molen. They are all named after the seasons: Winterhop, Lentehop (Spring), Zomerhop (Summer) and Herfsthop (Autumn). Each beer in the sieres use different hops in-turn creating unique aroma and flavor.

Tasting: Zomerhop pours a hazy orange color with a large amount of off-white head. The aroma has heavy citrus and fruit note due to the heavy handed use of Columbus and Cascade hops. If summer smelled this great you would become as tan as this guy. This beer brings a very pleasant well balanced flavor full of grassy notes and herbal qualities. Finishes out with a fruity and floral bitterness that lingers on the palate. Overall, this great American Farmhouse Hybrid IPA that is perfect for the hot weather.

Aging: This beer would be best enjoyed fresh as possible. While it will develop and mature in the bottle, it’s ripe for the picking right now.

Recommendation: If you are looking for a great beer that will satisfy your summer hop crave then Zommerhop is the one for you. I will definitely be partaking in this beer throughout the summer. Cheers!!

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