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Roundtable Discussion: Meat vs. Beer

Roundtable Discussion: Meat vs. Beer

Last weekend during a porch drinking session, a few of our writers debated if they had to give up one thing whether it would be worse to have to give up drinking beer or eating meet.

Pat: I would give up the beer easily. I don’t think i could lose pork or BBQ and stay sane. That stuff is necessary to my life.

Will: This is a tough one. I could go multiple ways on this one. If I didn’t eat meat I would have to stock up on Rouge Voodoo Doughnut beer to get my fix. Hmmmm ….can I go meat and gluten free beer?

Mike R: Meat. No discussion. Easy decision. I can come to terms with whiskey far easier than I can with tofu.

Vic: Well, what do you consider meat? Some people, like the Catholic Church, don’t think fish is meat. Honestly, I don’t think I could give up either, but if I had a gun to my head, then I would say meat because I don’t think life is worth living without beer. Not that I’m a drunk or anything. I just find it 1 of the greatest joys, all the different styles, flavors, etc. Plus monks lived off beer during times of fasting …

Pat: Agreed. Whiskey is my go to liquor and long lost love. I’ll dive into a bottle of that before i drop meat from the diet.

Kate: I’m with you guys. Plus, whiskey and meat go so well together. They scream America.

Mike R: The Scottish and Irish may have objections there.

Scott: Meat, easily. And it’s fucking blasphemous that gluten free is still called beer.

Pat: Is there such thing as a good gluten free beer?

Mike R: Short answer? No.

Long answer? Noooooooooooooooooooooo.

Bethany: I’m keeping meat and going with gluten free beer. But only because I’m already allergic to gluten and am only allowed to drink the GF stuff anyways, so really, nothing will change for me at all.  🙂

Vic: Widmer has released a couple of gluten free beers made with barley, so brewers are working on a good gluten free beer. Besides, if you gave up beer, how could you drink gluten free beer? Isn’t still beer, technically speaking … And if we make the exceptions for gluten frees, then what about an exception for FMBs(Flavored Malt Beverages, ie Mike’s, Smirnoff Ice, St Ides Special Brew) … I would much rather eat portabella steaks than try to drink another Smirnoff Ice Black Fruit Punch …

Tristan: Alright … seems pretty unanimous thus far … new scenario … meet or alcohol in general… and since we’re being picky that includes fish. Sorry being a Catholic vege is not a real vege.

Pat: That makes it tougher. I still go meat.

Scott: Meat, easily. Pasta and I are best buds.

Vic: They are going to have to pry the Pliny from my cold, dead hands…

Adam: Beer by a long shot. I don’t eatmeat everyday, but Idrinkbeer pretty mucheveryday.If you didn’teat meat,justthinkofhow much morebeeryou could drink!Also, myspacebar iscrappingoutonme

Caitlin: Ok as anyone who has read my bio on the websites will know, obvs I’m giving up beer. Meat or television? I’m going vegetarian, much to the shame of my hunter father. But I will desperately miss fish and shrimp.

Drew: Both in sheer volume of consumption and in best-ever experience, meat is better; I’d give up beer. I eat meat WAY more often than I drink beer. And the best steak is better than the best beer. No question for me.

Stu: I’d give up booze quickly if I couldn’t ever eat pork again. BBQ, carnitas and pork belly … not even a question

Kristen: I already dont eat meat. That’s why I drink so much beer. I couldnt ever give up drinking.

LVZ: I think I would give up meat, but that would be a sacrifice. The thing that would disappoint me most is a good beer and meat pairing. No more burger and beer? Maybe a black bean burger wouldn’t be so bad …I take that back, I would probably just remove myself from burgers completely. It would be like taking away a good IPA and only offering Batch 19. I would just rather not.

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