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PorchDrinking GABF Coverage

PorchDrinking GABF Coverage

Today marks the beginning of our two week long Great American Beer Festival coverage.  As such we’ll be mixing up our normal rotation a bit.  Each morning our writers will be previewing a local brewery for any local visitors who may be travelling to the area.  Moving into the late morning we’ll also be breaking down each of the regions with blurbs and in some cases beers to check out from those breweries.  We’ll still have our normal features in the afternoons such as the Ultimate 6ers, Week-in-Reviews, PorchDrinking Playlist, Fantasy Football and Storytime With Hank, as well as occasional festival related guides and features as well.

We’re also extremely excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with Denver Off the Wagon to share content and provide the most complete GABF coverage.  Both sites should be your total source for festival related news and insights.  If you have any festival news feel free to email us at [email protected] or comment on our Facebook page!

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