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Ultimate 6er: BYOB Party for Hop Lovers

Ultimate 6er: BYOB Party for Hop Lovers
Philip Joyce

Beer is good. Hops are awesome. When arriving at a BYOB party or event never be ‘that guy’ (or gal). We all know who they are. Don’t be the person that brings the ‘cheap’  beer, unless it comes in a 30 pack and that’s by design. Here are a few suggestions for what to include in your Ultimate 6er if it’s BYOB.

Going to a party where food quality expectations are low:

3 Floyds Dreadnaught. This beer might be the hoppiest thing on earth. If there is the slightest chance that the food will be horrid, bring your A-game. By A-game I mean Dreadnaught. This beer pours wonderfully with a huge citrus and piney hop aroma. After the first sip your entire mouth will be nuked. All you will taste is a wonderful hoppy bouquet for the rest of the night. No fear of awful meatloaf, Dreadnought is here!



Trying to impress the friend most qualified as ‘Beer Nerd’:

Russian River, Pliny the Elder. Many beer geeks would consider this the white whale or holy grail of the craft beer world. This beer is a canvas for hop flavors and aromas with little to no caramel malt interruption and isn’t overly bitter. Even if the party isn’t BYOB, don’t be shy. This beer has a corner on the market when it comes to trading others. Many friends have received countless free beers at bars by simply offering one up at a bar outside of Russian River’s distribution area. Acquire at first sighting.

Bringing impressive beer, likable by all without breaking the bank:

Firestone Walker Union Jack. This beer is wonderful. Highly palatable  huge hop aroma, but not overly bitter or overly hop flavored. Very well balanced and sure to impress the guests who say too often ‘I don’t like the hops.’ Palates develop and eventually you will be heroic for introducing acquaintances to the style.

Trying to impress the geeky friend who’s social media profile reads ‘Level 6 ogre mage seeking druid queen’:

We all have that friend. With their online friends and geekiness they most likely also enjoy and appreciate comic books and other childhood superheros. Treat them to a New Belgium and Alpine Beer Company collaboration: Super IPA. This beer is heroic on all accounts. If you don’t have an urge to begin frolicking in your under-maintained lawn-turned dandelion forest, you should probably stop reading. The hop grenades with lightning bolts on the bottle are there for a reason. As the saying goes, ‘close only counts in horseshoes and hop grenades.’ This is by no means close to a big IPA, this is the real deal.


The hippy earth-loving friend:

If Stone‘s Enjoy By IPA doesn’t bring the biggest smile to tree-hugging party attendees, nothing will. This beer smells of a floral earth and tastes of pine and sap. Some may say that they don’t want these flavors in beer, but you can reassure them that they have no idea what they are talking about. Plus it lubricates the conversation much better than gnawing on tree bark. Bring it. Just be sure its not after the suggested consumption date or you will surely get the resounding ‘C’mon man!’


When meeting at the park for kickball (aka drunkball, kegball, etc…):

Sierra Nevada‘s Torpedo IPA. It’s on the lighter side and won’t break the bank. Plus it comes in a 12-pack of cans and tallboys, perfect for packing out, shotgunning or having a drunken crush-on-forehead contest. The beer itself is surprisingly balanced between hops and malts but the aroma poses a citrus-sweet malty invitation that seduces the least hop forward souls. Game On!

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