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Cigar City Brewing Company- Marshal Zhukov

Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout

ABV: 9%

Cigar City Brewing serves up several brews that have garnered a cult follow, partially because they’re only available in Florida, partially because they are one of the only solid breweries at the moment to come out of Florida and mostly because they make fantastic, cult following worthy beers. One of those pedestal level rarities is Marshal Zhukov.

During my visit to Cigar City recently, I happened to catch Zhukov the week it returned to the market. Weighing in at 11% this stout rocks roasty malts and a chocolate-y smooth finish. While it does have that roasted malt and chocolate-y element, I feel this beer more so enhances the flavors of eating chocolate candy rather than straight up tasting like it. Which means if you could happen upon some Zhukov it might be better served to help put the trick back in treat. This beer actually makes me look forward to the days that I can take my kids door to door in their little zombie/Yoshi/Rufio/R2D2 costumes doing their best vagrant impersonations begging for candy. Meanwhile I’ll be doing my world’s best Dad impersonation by stealing said candy while sipping on a healthy supply of Zhukov from a thermos. Happy Halloween!

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