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Mikkeller Green Easter IPA

Mikkeller Green Easter IPA

ABV: 7% | IBU: 100+

These Gypsy brewers are true ‘phantoms’ of the craft. For those unfamiliar with Mikkeller, these folks from across the pond in Denmark have made over 600 beers in a myriad of styles that are very aggressive and push the envelope of styles new and old. They venture the globe, partnering with others to craft sudsy treats for you and I. This time, with Mikkeller Green Easter IPA, they take on the West Coast IPA. And they do it better?!?

Blammo! These blokes just churned out a “West Coast” IPA that has bright evergreen aromas and citrusy, floral hop notes yet pours a dark orange. Sticky, citrus hops play off of light, sweet malts to a harmonious balance. This intensely flavored beer is packing somewhere above 100+ IBU’s and is epitomized by its label which is a nod to the Hulk. Aside from Bruce Banner’s alter ego squeezing the “hoppy” out of the hare on this brew’s signature logo, the folks at Mikkeller are downright brilliant to use the Hulk to market a beer because this giant nerd picked it up for just that reason. A quick venture through the company’s artsy labels leaves you in awe over how simplicity and theme intertwine to make the non-brewery-brewery a true embodiment of their cavalier style and prowess.

The dark haze of this ale boasts a large, creamy tan head. The aroma is piney, but has a great balance of malty sweetness. The first sip is caramel, sweet honey and then lends itself to more grassy and bitter citrus. The hops come back aggressively to make sure the beer doesn’t end with all sweet. There is a mad-balance in this beer that is so welcoming. It is reassuring that a brewery brewing in other folks cauldrons is making such exceptional barley pops. The balance yields a great, full mouth feel that is large and flavorful yet strikingly session-able.

This Danish brewery reminds us that we can have a beer that is cool, rounded and fresh with a symbiotic bitterness and fine, sweet fruit finish. Full mouth feel and great, lasting viscosity. I wish the head lasted a bit longer on this one but with a quick swirl, and we are back into HULK mode!

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