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Boulder Beer – Rum Barrel Porter

Boulder Beer – Rum Barrel Porter
Philip Joyce

ABV: 6%

Boulder Beer Company’s Rum Barrel Porter is another addition to their unique taproom-only offerings. I suspect this is not only a limited release but a nano batch as their regular lineup does not include a Porter. Oftentimes the more creative libations can only be found in a brewery’s taproom, so visit your local taproom often.

The Rum Barrel Porter pours on tap a dark deep black with a single finger of head. When held in the light, deep red hues streak through the glass as the light is refracted through the prismatic liquid. Aromas of caramel and toasted, bready malt are present but not aggressive or overpowering. The flavor follows with a well-rounded malty backbone that is simple and an effective foundation for the barrel flavors. The base beer is clean and finishes with a mild hop bitterness and a nice lingering flavor of spiced rum and vanilla.

If you’re in their neck of the woods anytime soon, be sure to stop in to the taproom and find their Rum Barrel Porter. Better yet, schedule your visit for lunch on Monday or Tuesday. At $0.25 (no, I didn’t misplace the decimal) for a full pour on these days, their taproom will easily cure your worst ‘Case of the Mondays’.

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