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Getting a Woody – Epic Brewing Smoked and Oaked

Smoked and Oaked
Will Dozier


Epic Brewing Smoked and Oaked
Style: Belgian Strong Ale

ABV: 10.3%

This woody just got smoked, today we look at Epic Brewing’s Smoked and Oaked whiskey barrel aged Belgian Strong Ale. Epic Brewing Company hails from Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City and was started in 2008.  Since then they have been on a non-stop growth path, that has allowed them to expand to a 2nd location in the Denver area which will open later this fall. Smoked and Oaked brings a almost scotch like flavor by combining cherry wood smoked malt, belgian yeast, and aging of the beer in whiskey

Smoked and Oaked
Batch #18 10.3%

barrels.This version is release # 18 which is 100% aged in whiskey barrels. Some of the previous releases have been aged between whiskey and bourbon barrels and then blended.This beer is a great way to unwind after a long days work.


Smoked and Oaked pours a deep mahogany with a small off white head. In the sun the beer glistens and displays small bubbles rising to the top. Coming from the glass are notes of caramel and whiskey but, dominating the aroma is a sweet smokiness that lingers and entices the drinker. The initial sip takes the drinker through a ride of smooth smokiness lending to vanilla and caramel. A slight hint of the Belgian yeast shines through creating an almost scotch like experience between Smoked and Oakedthe smoked malts and the esters. The beer finishes with a slight warming of the palate and stays full bodied throughout the sip. Overall, Epic Brewing has created a very easy drinking 10.3% abv beer that will be begged to be taken on your next epic adventure.


Smoke em if you gottem drink your glasses to the bottom but, if you wish Smoked and Oaked can be set down for years to come.


WillyD Approved. Smoked and Oaked is well worth seeking out. Epic Brewing has done a great job at melding the smokiness of the malt with the light fruitiness of the yeast and mellowing out the whole package in whiskey barrels.


  1. utahsteve

    Utah brewers have ALWAYS been able to brew high gravity beers. Epic was not the first and won’t be the last. Uinta has been making a 10% barley wine for 20+ years. The thing is that all high gravity beers must be bottled. Draft beer for consumption in Utah must be 4% abv.

  2. utahsteve

    I read your link and here is what they meant.
    Up until 2008 breweries had to sell all bottled high gravity product to the state for sale at state operated liquor stores. (This meant warm storage and unrefrigerated sales and no brewer control.) Breweries could also buy their bottles back from the state to sell in conjunction with food on the restaurant side, not over the bar. Now any brewery can license/operate their own ‘off-premise’ store for off-sales and serve high gravity beers (still in the bottle) over the bar without having to purchase food. When you visit Epic they have devoted a portion of their small building in Salt Lake to a ‘tapless’ sandwich bar where you can taste their bottled beers and get a great sandwich.
    A full-on brewery restaurant will be opening in the River North area of Denver will be opening some time this summer.

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