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Mørke – Pumpernickel Porter by Beer Here

Mørke – Pumpernickel Porter by Beer Here
Kristin Hubbard

Beer Here – Mørke (Pumpernickel Porter)

ABV – 7.5%

As the summer months end and fall is always quick to pass us by, I find that my taste in the beer changes just as fast as the leaves. No longer do I crave a crisp lager or a quenchable belgian wit, instead I gravitate towards a rich smoked dark malt that aids in keeping my spirit warm. Beer Here’s Pumpernickel Porter named Mørke had a gravitational force that for some reason I could not pass up. Its spicy yet mildly sweet use of rye gave off hints of raisiny dark fruit, dark chocolate bitterness, and finished with a smokey wood dryness. On the nose there were hints of whiskey barrel and coffee, while its appearance had a jet black denseness. A medium to big body made way for a pleasantly scrumptious bubble that was neither viscous or boozy. Overall, this gem did wonders in creating a moment to sit back and enjoy the always abrupt changes that fall so quickly leaves behind.

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