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Crooked Stave- Vieille Cranberry and Spice

Crooked Stave- Vieille Cranberry and Spice
Andy Hagemann

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes… All staples of a delicious holiday dinner. However, in my opinion, there’s one food that completes the meal but never gets the credit it deserves: the cranberry sauce. There’s nothing like some fresh cranberry sauce to bring a tangy sweetness to the feast. This year, in lieu of the cranberry sauce, I substituted a Crooked Stave Vieille with Cranberries and Spices (specifically nutmeg, cinnamon, and hibiscus). This was the perfect pairing that I had hoped for!

The winter seasonal Vieille is a light 4.2% ABV and pours a bright ruby color into my tulip glass. The cranberries come through strongly in the aroma, while the spices are subdued. The first sip showcases the crisp, dry, puckering sour that I’ve come to love from my favorite Crooked Stave beers. Tart sweetness from the cranberries is the predominant flavor on top of the underlying saison characteristics. Some hibiscus makes its way to the forefront with a few more sips, but the other spices remain subtle. Overall, the is an aesthetically pleasing and refreshing beer that is sure to complement any holiday meal!

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