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Troegs Brewing Company- Nugget Nectar

troegs nugget nectar

Nugget Nectar- Imperial Amber
Troegs Brewing Company- Hershey, PA
7.5% ABV

The new year is upon us, and January can easily become a bothersome month with the lingering remnants of an unsatisfying winter. What that means for this writer is that too often does the cold weather eschew the cherished snowday reprieve but rather dampen spirits with slush, cold temps and ice. With planning consuming the month, it is not hard to lose track of what this month has to offer, except of course, when receiving a special delivery from Hershey.

Behold Nugget Nectar, the “too popular to be an amber” twice removed cousin of IPA family. Once upon a time, this deliciously hoppy amber existed as the milder Hopback Amber (which is still an incredibly popular session beer in the Northeast). But not to be denied it’s chance of perpetual glory, this beer became hoptimized into the winner it is today. As an Imperial Amber, Nugget Nectar carries many of the same floral qualities as an IPA but separates itself with a stronger piney and citrus flavor. With a thin head on top of the copper body, it leaves an adequate lacing that makes you somewhat depressed at how fast you finished it.

Due to it’s rise in most beer circles, it has become such a hot commodity that is not easily attained by simply going to your local distributor. Much like Hopslam in Michigan and the surrounding midwest, Nugget Nectar’s shelf life is lightning fast. There are many who say that it should be a perennial offering, but this writer believes that limited quantity makes you cherish all the more. Hopefully you are able to get your hands on some before it is too late. Cheers

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