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TRiNiTY Brewing Company| TPS Report Wild/Sour Ale

TRiNiTY Brewing Company| TPS Report Wild/Sour Ale

Trinity TPS Report, 4.8% ABV

Over Memorial Day weekend, I went to a BBQ at my friend Tony’s house. Because we are both big beer lovers, I knew that we would be drinking great beer; some that I brought and some surprises from his collection. After finishing a fresh mini-growler from Station 26 Brewing Company, Tony emerged from his house with a big smile and a dark brown bomber.Trinity TPS Report

As he handed me the bottle, I noticed the TPS Report’s amazing label that immediately evoked the memory of the famous Office Space scene where a fax machine is brutally murdered. Tony popped the top and poured me a glass.

Office Space GIFI was surprised at the cloudiness of the deep golden elixir. The funky and fruity aroma did not try to hide the acidity of the beer, but was still very enticing. A mix of sour citrus blended well with the earthy smell of the oak and floral accents.

The aroma of the beer did not mislead from the flavor at all. The initial sour gives a welcoming punch and is quickly followed by a dry sweetness. Each sip was mellowed at the end by the unique and incredible hint of roses. This beer is complex with its flavors and aromas. It really takes you on a journey.

If you are looking for a refreshing beer for the summer, TPS Report is a great place to start. While it is a little expensive to make it my go-to beer, I will share this treasure from Trinity with friends on multiple occasions. Be warned: it probably will cause you to quote Office Space for at least 10 minutes. Breaking out my inner-Lumbergh, I have to say “If you can find this beer and try it, that would be great.”

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