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Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

Hopsicles - Camden Town Brewing and Lickalix

August 2014 is coming to an end and it’s going out with a bang. This month, we have seen the arrival of pumpkin beers, sinkholes decided to become cool, and hopsicles exist. It sounds like some sort of strange craft beer dream, doesn’t it? Well, believe it, people! This ain’t no dream – it’s real life beer news and it’s coming at ya in this edition of the Weekly Growler Fill.

Pumpkin Beers: Is it too early?

Southern Tier Imperial Pumking 2014 22oz
Photo Credit:

Last year, during the Fall season, pumpkin beers outsold IPAs (crazy, I know). Could it happen again this year? I started seeing pumpkin beers line the shelves of liquor stores last week, so they very well could give IPAs a run for their money once again. Although it’s only August, I’ve already picked up Warlock and Pumking, both by Southern Tier Brewing Company, which recently made it’s way into Colorado. I told myself I won’t drink these bad boys until September and that I’ll only use them to cook with over on – we’ll see how long that promise lasts. Are ready for the pumpkin beer invasion?

Upland Brewing Bloomington Brewpub Expansion

Upland Brewing Co
Photo Credit: www.uplandbeer.comn

After months of hard work, Upland Brewing Co. has almost completed their new Bloomington location expansion. The Indiana-based brewery has been leaking pictures, getting all the patrons excited for what’s to come. This week, in order to finish up some work, the Bloomington location will be closed all day Monday, August 25th and closed for lunch until 5 pm on Tuesday through Thursday, August 26th-28th. Don’t worry though, Upland has promised it’ll be worth the wait.

The Future of Desserts: Hopsicles

Hopsicles - Camden Town Brewing and Lickalix
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London’s Camden Town Brewery and ‘ice lolly’ (aka popsicle) makers Lickalix, have teamed up to create the craft beer lovers’ dream dessert – hopsicles. The frozen treats will be available in two flavors: Blackberry Shandy, made with Camden Hells Lager, fresh blackberries, and lemons, and Lemon and Bergamot Shandy, made with Gentleman’s Wit. Sadly for us Americans, these sweets are currently only available in the UK. Shall we try and make some of our own beer-sicle creations? I think this must happen….

‘Sinkhole’ leads to 150-year-old beer cave

…and that’s how sinkholes became incredibly cool. I know sinkholes used to kind of be assholes, stealing cars and all, but they’ve decided to change their ways. Now, instead of ruining lives, sinkholes are exposing historical beer treasures, among other things. This particular hole is located in Iowa. Archaeologists believe the beer caves exposed by the sinkhole belonged to the late Eagle Brewing Company/Magnus Brewing Company, which shut down during prohibition. Good job sinkhole, you did something sweet.

They used to do this:

Now they do this…Beer!

Sinkhole Beer Caves
Photo Credit:

Booming Business: Mobile Canning

Mobile Canning
Photo Credit:

I’ve written about this before and I’m going to do it again. Mobile canning companies are the new best business in the craft beer world. We Can Mobile Canning is one of many mobile canning companies throughout the country that seems to be winning in the business world. As the canned beer movement grows (take them everywhere, no skunked beer, cheaper to ship), it only provides more incentive for these types of companies to start up. Why mobile canning? Well, many breweries don’t have the money for the ever-so-expensive canning lines and they also don’t have the space. That’s why they turn to mobile canning. The brewery saves money, the canning companies make money, and we get delicious cans of craft beer. Everybody wins.

Vacationland Distributors Offers Fixed-Length Contracts

Could this quite possibly be the first fair distributor to ever exist? Instead of forcing breweries to sign ‘forever contracts’, Vacationland Distributors is offering distribution agreements of a fixed length so that businesses don’t get stuck in the relationship indefinitely. This means Vacationland will have to work hard to keep business and if breweries want to get out of the contract, they won’t have to spend all their funds to buy themselves out. Sounds like good business to me.


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