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The Weekly Buzz | September 15 – 21

Weekly Buzz
Dan Bortz

Today is the first day of fall, although you wouldn’t know it. It’s supposed to be in the 80s again in Pennsylvania. Ridiculous. Oktoberfest beers are releasing, and I’m stuck here wondering how exactly I’m supposed to enjoy a ridiculously oversized Märzen in that kind of heat? I guess I will just have to suck it up and muddle through. Finish off those summer seasonals that you’ve been hoarding and get ready for The Weekly Buzz!

One of each, please!

Oktoberfest was the original seasonal creep, and I’m OK with it!

Which beer are you looking forward to the most?

Happy Anniversary!

Did you make it to the Grand Tasting?

Tickets are on sale now!

That looks like a bloody good beer.

Who’s gonna get surly this weekend?

How do you keep from spilling your beer in the mosh pit?

Are the steins behind those pallets of Maßkrüge? #ProperGlassware

These pirates be basic AF!

New canned brews are on the way!

Congrats for the promotion! Now I just need to find some…

That’s what I call a celebration!

Cancel your Sunday plans!

Who’s going to Snallygaster?!?!?

Hop harvest is my Christmas.

Just in case you were looking for an entire pumpkin beer-based event…

My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail…

Want to win an Eagles fan experience that (probably) doesn’t involve throwing a snowball at Santa?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Looking for a job in craft beer?

It’s back!

Is this some kind of craft beer Orphan Black situation?

Guess you don’t need that fancy crowler machine!

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