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Roundtable Discussion |GABF Game Plan

Sam Calagione GABF

Great American Beer Festival takes place Oct. 2-4 at the Colorado Convention Center. Since that’s right around the corner, we asked our staff if they had a GABF game plan and what it was. Are they looking forward to sours, pumpkin, big beers or hoppy beers?

Cory Pelc

The “My GABF” app has added ‘First Draught’ to their style guides. Breweries new to the festival but not new to brewing. I thought that was a cool route to go to try a bunch of new stuff. I usually tend to go for the Aged beers though. Those are my jammy jam. Oh, and Monk’ed out, Abbey Dubbels. Gimme all of those.

I talk like a valley girl.

Tristan Chan

I’m going to be going for Sours, Barrel Aged Beers, passed out Pizza Hut by 9 p.m. amirite Will Dozier?

Justin Vicroy

Imma get schwastty pants on cheap whiskey & maybe put on a disguise, then try to sneak into What The Funk put on by Crooked Stave.

Scott Hoffman

I’ll let my dad lead the way. It’s his first beer fest. If you see a shorter, balder version of me, that’d be him.

Kathleen Morton

I hope you both get to see Frank Thomas again!

Christopher Day

I plan to focus on new breweries the first day, big/classic breweries the second day, and local breweries the third day.

Scott Hoffman

Big Hurt Beer won’t be there this year. I’m crushed.

Cory Pelc

My new cover band is playing the opening instead of the bagpipes. We’re called ZZ Topper and we only play one song. “She Wore a Pretzel Necklace.”

Lauren Hoff

It is wrong that I never make a game plan? I guess I like to look at it like going into a vast wildness waiting to be discovered. Whatever Im feeling like, I drink. I have discovered some amazing beers and breweries that way. Its more fun than hunting whalez.

Andy Hagemann

My game plan is to live vicariously through my friends who are going since I now live in Oregon. I will most likely bust out some special beers from my cellar during that weekend to pretend I’m there!

Chelsea Mitchell

I shall be following Cory Pelc around the whole time. Whatever he drinks is good enough for me.


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