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Rekorderlig Cider Colorado Launch


Sometimes the best things in life come from unexpected places. Really it’s these simple surprises that make life worth living. For Rekorderlig Cider, their story actually began in Sweden’s largest brewery Abro Bryggeri.

For four generations Henrik Durge’s family had been brewing beer but in 1997 collaborating with friends Anders and Helen, they decided to experiment with ciders.The passion project took a few years to get off the ground, but by 2013 the brand had expanded to the U.S.

Appropriately, this country’s recent obsession with the craft beer industry has also spawned a healthy love for ciders as well. While those with gluten intolerances are often left with little options when it comes to beer, ciders have become a welcome crossover.

We were recently lucky enough to attend Rekorderlig’s Denver launch at DaDa Art Bar and were able to sample their Pear, Strawberry Lime and Wild Berry varieties. This Swedish take on ciders deviates a bit from the American craft ciders we’ve been experiencing of late, taking on more of a profile like fruit flavored version of Sprite or 7up. What I enjoyed most is that Rekorderlig isn’t overly sugary/sweet like a Strongbow or Woodchuck, instead it’s crisp, refreshing, and also draws out real fruit flavors, think (the schnozberries taste like schnozberries).

Rekorderlig is now available in select US cities including Denver, New York and Miami but if our recent tasting is any indication, we’re expecting this import cider to be readily available in the near future.


  1. “Rekorderlig isn’t overly sugary/sweet like a Strongbow or Woodchuck” – this is really interesting to hear given that Rekorderlig is by far the sweetest cider on the market in Australia and has been for years. No wonder I can’t handle US cider. (Also, notable that Rekorderlig has taken so long to catch on here.)

  2. Michelle

    Any idea where I can order Rekorderlig online? Tasted several flavors last fall while in the United Kingdom and love it! I live in Indiana – doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere near me at this time.

  3. CC

    t would beret to know where it can be ordered…duh

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