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Bell’s Brewing Co. | Mercury, The Winged Messenger

Bell’s Brewing Co. | Mercury, The Winged Messenger

Bell’s Brewing Co.
Mercury – The Winged Messenger
Belgian Single
ABV: 4.8%

The planets are beginning to align with the third installment of Bell’s Planet Series. Mercury, the Winged Messenger, brings word from other planets in the form a tasteful Belgian Single.

Mercury was released this past December as the third planet in Bell’s Planet Series. With a pale hazey body and grainy notes, one may wonder why a Belgian Single was chosen to follow a big Double IPA and spicey Blonde Ale. Well, Bell’s did not blindly pick styles out of a hat. Instead, they carefully chose a Belgian single as the best choice to represent Gustav Holst’s third movement in his orchestral suite, The Planets. One of the first styles of beer to be brewed, the Belgian Single dates all the way back to the traditional brewing method of monks in the middle ages. Now you may be thinking, “So what, it’s an old style of beer.” Wrong! The planet Mercury is believed to be the connecting planet in communication between our world and others, hence the name “The Winged Messenger.”

So where do monks fit in? Monks have dedicated their lives to serving others and secluding themselves from society to live a life of prayer and contemplation. A monk may dedicate his entire life to longing to know the spirit of the universe and communicate with God. Their dedication to serving others and commitment to communicating with beings unknown is what brings us back to the Belgian Single. Monks get thirsty in all this communicating throughout the galaxy, so what do they do? The make tasty beer. Since Mercury is known as the messenger between our world and others, and monks are known for their uninterrupted communications with the galaxy and for brewing beer, it is only understandable that the third beer in this movement is a Belgian Single. Full circle, right. So, now then, lets talk about the beer.

Mercury pours a straw pale colored haze with a small white frothy head that lines the glass. On the nose the Belgian nuances are not missed. Toasted bread with light spices, but not overpowering like some bigger Belgians. Instead the aromas are mild and pleasing to the air. Light in body but not in flavor, Mercury is complex with complimenting flavors of earthy grains, subtle hops, and light fruity pear. The finish is mild with lingering malty notes and earthy hop flavors. Another great quality of this beer is the ABV. With only a 4.8% ABV, Mercury comes in as a sessionable beer that can be enjoyed throughout many conversations. Lets face it, no one wants a drunken mail man delivering vomit instead of your newest home brewing equipment.

Now the question does arise, what message is in this bottle of beer? Could it be one from far and distant gods of the galaxy trying to communicate the universal truths through a Belgian Single? Or is it just another meaningless message in a bottle? By the way, for all of you readers out there that are singing out The Police, here is that song, which is a great late 70’s music video! So whistle this tune while you head out and try to find some of The Winged Messenger before it flies off to the next planet. Although, be careful if you’re in one of the 43 counties in Michigan where a safety recall was issued due to a glass defect on all of Bell’s Mercury. Fear not, all of it has been recovered, but you can still read all about it here.

Whether you are looking up to the stars for good news or looking onto the world and seeing all the bad, just remember one thing, don’t shoot the messenger.

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