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Hail to the Chief | House of Cards Drinking Game

Hail to the Chief | House of Cards Drinking Game
Erin Petrey

There’s an extra chill in the air. The winds have begun to change. It’s that time of year again when we cozy up to our Netflix accounts and watch as the political backstabbing, intrigue and bloodshed sweep through our nation’s Capital. As the new season of everyone’s favorite political thriller premieres, it is time to prepare ourselves with the best way we know how: with a House of Cards drinking game.

So stock your bars and pour a tall one. There is a new President in Washington. Here’s to you, President Underwood.

  • Blush and take a drink every time Jackie and Remy give each other a knowing look. (You know what we mean, here.)
  • Take a drink every time someone is unnecessarily naked or in their underwear.
  • Take a drink and make “pew pew” gun noises any time Frank works on his Civil War figurines.
  • Raise your glass, wink, and take a sip every time Frank drinks or pours a glass of bourbon.
  • Make someone else drink at the mention of Raymond Tusk. You’re influencing people, here, folks. Bonus: take a shot of Louis XIII every time Raymond mentions his investors.
  • Take a sip every time someone is on a cell phone (Sorry, folks, couldn’t help it!).
  • Salute and take a sip every time you hear “President Underwood.” We must give respect where respect is due.
  • Take a drink if Frank eats BBQ again (from anywhere). Take an extra drink if it is served in the White House.
  • Pour one out at the mention of anyone Frank has killed. Finish your drink if it’s Peter Russo.
  • Hang your head in shame and take a drink if the Slugline ultra-hipster office in DC is shown.
  • If Wolf Blitzer makes a cameo, everyone toasts to the man, strokes their beard (imaginary or real), and drinks.

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  • If Rachel Maddow makes a cameo, stare at someone incredulously and whoever breaks eye contact first has to finish their drink.
  • Rip off a piece of raw steak with your teeth and take a shot any time Frank makes an analogy involving meat and/or blood. Yell “Oh my!” and take a bonus shot if he talks about lions/tiger/bears/etc.
  • Take a shot of peach schnapps every time South Carolina is mentioned. Make it a double if there is an actual peach on screen.
  • Make airplane noises and take a sip every time someone travels to another state. Make it a shot if it’s another country.
  • Extend your pinkie and take a sip when someone drinks coffee in the Oval Office. 
  • Stand at attention and take a sip whenever the President enters the Situation Room.

Haven’t had enough? Revisit the old House of Cards drinking game.

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