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Paradox Beer Company | Pepitas Grande

pepitas grande
Kristin Hubbard

There’s nothing like getting two days off work in a row. With this heaven-sent rarity I find that one has more of a chance to actually take a step back and relax, while also having time to be productive and catch up with reality if needed. My two day weekend was complimented with the oh-so-pleasant tartness of Paradox’s Pepitas Grande paired with my legs propped up on my lazy boy listening to The Growlers.

At first glance its murky hazelnut appearance leaves no lasting foam but instead offers a ton of personality with a mild acidic bite on the nose. The aroma develops into a rich wine barrel fullness that reminds me a little of fortified products like marsala or sherry. On the palate there’s a sweet medium body malt that develops into a sharper astringency leading way for a pleasantly dry finish from the cocoa nibs. The pumpkin is noticed on the back end with notes of a subtle smoky chili presence and the mouthfeel has a light oily feel. Ranking at a delightful 8% this beer offered a warm experience to a somewhat rare and much needed few days.

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