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Roundtable Discussion | Favorite St. Paddy’s Day Memories

Roundtable Discussion | Favorite St. Paddy’s Day Memories

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and we are not done celebrating it quite yet. Our staff ponders some of the good memories (the clear ones) associated with the holiday.

Niel Stender

Hoboken, NJ – guaranteed fun for St. Patrick’s Day


Danny King

1). 2006 (?) Chicago, back when i dyed my hair to match my beard (so super red). My sister and I jigged in a basement of a bar convincingly enough that we had a crowd and some German dudes asked us to teach them because they thought we knew what we were actually doing and not just drunk. 2). Later that night the following exchanged happened while in line for the bathroom at the Cubby bear Drunk lady: Look at that big fucking dude. That must be the most irish guy in here. My sister:you mean that big fucki ng Mick? That’s my little brother!” 3). 3 years ago. Getting kicked out of a bar in times Square area for trying to drunkenly get onstage at a Wolftones show.

Katie Oswalt

Every year since it’s my birthday! Probably my 21st being the most memorable. Growing up, my mom always made me breakfast with green scrambled eggs and dyed my milk green. She’d also always make me a chocolate chip cake, but she doesn’t bake, so this meant a “Break ‘n Bake” cake flattened into an amoeba-like shape on a cookie sheet, with the perforations still visible, and poorly decorated. I LOVED it every year!

Desire Duzich

Teaching my lucky charms the last winter season.


Tristan Chan

I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day… only Green Beer Day.

Philip Joyce

As with Tristan… I don’t celebrate St. Patty’s… OR green beer day.

Tristan Chan

I do celebrate corned beef and cabbage day consumption, and this movie:


Desire Duzich

Haha yes!!! Tristan

Sarah Hargis

Sadly, I have been on the working side of the bar for too many St. Patrick’s Days to remember when they were fun. This year though, we did several staff car bombs throughout the day, so that was kinda cool.


  1. AndyH_STI

    I’ll just leave this here…

  2. Josh Ritenour

    Corrected. Thank you for setting us straight, Andy!

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