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The Brew Kettle | All for One Session IPA

The Brew Kettle | All for One Session IPA
Kevin Risner

ABV: 4.75% | IBU: 35

Over the decades, Cleveland sports has had many moments that have been hard to swallow. Despite Cleveland being one of the more pained sports cities, moments of intense optimism do pop up from time to time bringing a refreshing tint to the hues of cynicism. For example, there’s always the start of baseball season and the chants of “It’ll be this year!” Along with that, there’s annually a nice brew to go with that. Turning to basketball though, the return of LeBron James and the acquisition of many other stellar players has allowed my Cleveland Cavaliers to fare quite well in the second half of this year’s NBA season. Hope is blossoming again, albeit with the normal hint of caution. Still, The Brew Kettle, a local brewery in the Cleveland area, has begun distributing its All for One Session IPA to continue stoking the flames of the playoff push that is now imminent. Excitement has definitely returned to the CLE! 

All for One, named after one of the Cavs’ slogans, has packaging that compliments the team’s colors: a maroon label with white and gold lettering. The IPA also pays homage to team spirit with a nice healthy copper/gold hue. It has a healthy amount of fizz when poured, and that remains after the first sip. It also boasts strong citrus aromas that are common in many IPAs. There is a nice hop presence here with hints of lemon, but All for One is not too heavy nor is it too strong. Therefore, I believe it’s an ideal choice to have as you watch the NBA on TV, if you manage to get to one of the last home games this season, or if you wind up being some of the lucky to obtain playoff tickets. This IPA is actually available bottled at the Q for Cavs’ games. What more could you ask for as you ready for the big games that are coming up? With the low ABV, you can focus more of your attention on the game instead. Imbibe away, my friends! And order a side of nachos while you’re at it.

Of course you’ll have to make the trek to Cleveland area for this Session IPA. But what better way to partake in some Cleveland beer tasting than stopping by in the upcoming months as the playoffs are set to begin, hopefully with the Cavaliers making a push to the NBA Finals and, in this writer’s dearest hopes, for a highly desired championship?


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