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Roundtable Discussion | Camping Beers

Roundtable Discussion | Camping Beers

So summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, but for us happy campers, we just need warm weather to pitch a tent and drink a few beers. If you’re planning your own backcountry or car camping trip, you’ll want to read our list for the best camping beers.

Cory Pelc

Uinta’s Dubhe Imperial Black IPA – Roasty, toasty with a big mouthfeel and just enough hops to balance it out.


Chris Day

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been camping for years, but I’d bring something like Firestone Walker’s Easy Jack in cans since it’s easy-drinking, flavorful, and easy to pack in/out.


Mike Wronski

Dinos’mores by Off Color Brewing! Made with marshmallow fluff, vanilla beans, graham flour and cocoa nibs. And 10.5% ABV. Which is more alcohol than in actual s’mores. And requires much less work than actual s’mores. But is tenfold more disappointing if it falls into the campfire.


Chelsea M

Since I just went on a 5 day camping trip, I feel like I have the perfect answer to this question! We brought along a bunch of Happy Camper IPA by Santa Fe Brewing and it was the perfect way to end each day. The pine and citrus characteristics of the beer were the perfect pairing to the scent of the outdoors. The ABV is only 6.6% so it was easy to have a few while making s’mores around the campfire.

Tristan Chan

+1 on that Dino sm’ores call @mikewronski I was just camping this weekend and LOVED having Avery’s Lilikoi Kepolo now in cans! That passionfruit flavor is perfect for post hike refreshment!


Brady Akers

Can you find Dinos’mores in Colorado? That sounds amazing. I love Renegade’s E3 and New Belgium’s Snap Shot for camping.


Cory Pelc

You can find it at Small Batch when it comes in. I think it comes and goes pretty quickly.


Mike Wronski

Is Off Color distributing to CO? If not, I could possibly sends some out. I just discovered today they have Dinos’mores Coffee. So I will definitely be making a side trip on my commute home…


Kevin Risner

OK, I’ve never tried this Dinos’mores beer, but I feel as if that would be my choice. Homer Simpson gurgle


Danny King

I am not from camping people and the only time I’ve slept in a tent as an adult was in the Coralville Mall in Iowa to get a free year of Chick-fil-a. 7:10 Cabin/cottage though I’m all about 3 guys and a Beer’d’s Carbondalien. It’s a nice, very pineapply IPA that’s sold by my boyfriend’s parent ‘s house in the woods in Pennsylvania


Niel Stender

Campfire Stout from Highwater Brewing. Much like the Willy Wonka Full-Meal-In-A-Candy, its pretty much liquid s’mores. Evidently brewed specifcially for camping.


Chris Knost

I’ve tried bringing beer during camping trips in the past, but when you pack in/out, your number of cold items is limited. Truthfully, a flask of whiskey is my go-to camping buddy. That being said, if I had the choice of bringing anything I wanted, I would bring Anchorage Brewing Company’s Love Buzz Saison which is a nice dose of funk – especially at 8% after a long day of hiking


Cory Pelc

For packing it in and packing it out, I just want to mention this amazing little tube of coolness.


Marie DeAeth

When I go camping* I like to ask the park ranger** what they recommend and just go with that. *drinking on patios **server .


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