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Revolution Brewing | Rosa Hibiscus Ale

Rosa Hibiscus Ale
Michelle Andriano

While I understand that this is currently a tough-to-find-beverage, being that it’s only distributed in Illinois and Ohio, it’s well worth the mention. Honestly, when I first tasted the highly anticipated Rosa Hibiscus Ale, I came away with a different perspective. This initial judgement could have been my innate, strong affinity for copious amounts of hops in my beer, but as we all know we can’t always destroy (in the best of ways) our sense of taste with high ABV IPAs, especially this time of year, filled with hot day drinking, BBQ hopping, musical tailgating, etc. Session beers shine through. True to form with the season, like summer itself, it is best to just keep things simple. Subtle. The less is more approach.

Hibiscus AleMuch like the hibiscus plant grows, this ale continues to evolve on your palate. A crisp, nicely carbonated, and refreshing ale at the front with the perfect blend of floral and citrus for the finish. Brewed with orange peel and steeped in hibiscus, this beer goes down dangerously well. Good thing the ABV is on the low end. Slightly tart, not at all overpowering. An excellent cold beer on a hot summer day.

Aesthetically, it pours a beautiful pink hue. Don’t be fooled, this is no glass of fruit juice or blush wine. Not only has Revolution been mastering their brews, the unique and artistic canning presentation of each individual beer will definitely attract your eye. You can take a sneak peak at the artsy fun here.

I feel fortunate (for many reasons) to reside in Chicago, as the ever awesome Rev Brew Crew has done a fantastic job with the marketing launch of this beer, hosting (beer) garden parties throughout the community at various craft bars. They are proud to be rapidly growing and standing tall in what they say is this craft beer revolution. Most importantly, they continue to enthusiastically educate the community. Should you find yourself in Chicago, Revolution Brewpub is well worth the trip to the northwest side. A gorgeous, homey, handcrafted bar to settle into and all of the beer is outstanding, with a kitchen menu to match. Three words. Bacon. Fat. Popcorn. Not your movie theater popcorn. We’re talking fluffly corn kernels, popped with bacon, crispy sage and Parmesan. On the other end, ridiculously delicious and ever-changing desserts for your sweet tooth, and vegetarian/vegan menu options always available as well.

Rosa is one of those perfect porch drinking beers for a hot summer’s day. And if you can’t make your way to to midwest to find some, keep an eye out for other hibiscus beers to provide that same semi tart thirst quenching feeling.

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