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Wolaver’s | Wildflower Wheat

Wolaver's Wildflower Wheat
Lindsay Krumel

4.25% ABV
15 IBU

In the mood for a hot cup of tea, but craving an ice cold beer? Look no further than Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat! Brewed with pure organic wildflower honey and organic chamomile flowers, this unfiltered wheat ale is as soothing as it is refreshing. It pours a sunny, golden yellow with a thin white head that leaves just a touch of lacing on the glass, and it’s mildly carbonated for a moderate mouthfeel. Wildflower Wheat is light, and not too sweet, making it an extremely sessionable beer.

Wolaver’s, the first certified organic brewery in the United States, is proud to have been named one of only a few Non-GMO Project Verified breweries in the country. Their slogan, “Better Beer, Better World,” perfectly describes their dedication to producing great booze while supporting organic farming and local sourcing. This makes their location in Middlebury, Vermont the ideal spot.

Unfortunately, Wildflower Wheat is currently only distributed along the East Coast and to us lucky ducks in Central Ohio. It’s also seasonal, so once summer is gone, so is this beer. While it probably wouldn’t be my first choice for a weekend rager, I would definitely recommend picking up a six pack for a hot, lazy afternoon, if you can find it.

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