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Getting a Woody | Elevation Beer Co. Fanboy Double IPA

Getting a Woody | Elevation Beer Co. Fanboy Double IPA
Will Dozier

This post originally appeared Dec 9, 2013


Beer: Elevation Beer Co. Fanboy Double IPA
Style: Double IPA Aged in Fresh Oak Barrels
ABV: 8.5%
IBU: 70

Double IPA and wood aged may not be something you hear on a regular basis. You may even cringe a bit. You may say don’t age the hops, drink them fresh. Elevation Beer Company has gone and done just the opposite of that. They have created a wonderful Double IPA and put that liquid into fresh oak barrels while still retaining the wonderful fresh, bright hop characteristics. Elevation’s Fanboy Double IPA is a big bold IPA that has the great woody notes from the barrel. This Fanboy is Getting a Woody.




Elevation’s Fanboy Double IPA pours a nice copper with light thick head. The nose holds a great oak aroma along with hints of vanilla, lemon, citrus and a bit of pine. Hints of caramel and toffee malts help round out the nose. Upon the first sip you greeted with a pleasant taste of oaky, vanilla and lemon tones.Then the IPA starts to come into the mix creating a citrus and pine note that is backed up by slight hints of malt. The beer finishes dry and slightly oaky. Overall, Fanboy is a great double IPA but the fresh oak aging takes it to a whole new level.


The Elevation Beer Company Fanboy Double IPA needs to be consumed fresh. Take 2 and call me in the morning.




WillyD Approved. This beer is one that needs to be seeked out. Consume fresh and enjoy the hoppy oak goodness. Seek and Destroy! I know all of you are probably asking how this compares to Cigar City’s Jai Alai aged on White Oak. It is on the same level. The base IPA is different but the oak plays vey well and similar to the Jai Alai.

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  1. Lydia Piper

    I am seriously looking for the oilman beer for Xmas but not having any luck. Please help! I live in Aurora, CO.

  2. Bierzwinski

    We had this at their recent beer dinner at the brewery. Very nice beer! very nice.

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