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Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

Gov Cuomo Modernize ABC Law

Governor Cuomo aims to modernize New York’s craft beverage law, Community Beer Works pays to get Budweiser off of the streets, and new 6-pack rings may save ocean wildlife. We know you’ve been craving these hard-hitting craft beer news stories and we’re here to quench your thirst. Get the details of the industry scoop with this edition of the Weekly Growler Fill.

U.S. Glass Recycling Coalition Forms with Craft Breweries Playing Key Role

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The Glass Packaging Institute has teamed up with New Belgium Brewing Co., Allagash Brewing Co., and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., among other industry leaders, to create the U.S. Glass Recycling Coalition. Members of the coalition represent every step in the glass creation and use lifecycle, making it uniquely positioned for success. Together, the group hopes to make glass recycling more efficient and useful in today’s market. Currently, glass is not recycled fast enough or in sufficient quantities to meet bottle production needs for companies like New Belgium and Diageo (liquor brands). By boosting glass recycling programs, glass manufacturers may be better able to meet this high demand for recycled-glass products.  “We know the glass recycling industry is facing significant challenges and believe that consumer-facing brands are an important part of a collaborative, nation-wide solution. We look forward to all that lies ahead and are honored to be part of this process,” said Katie Wallace, New Belgium’s Assistant Director of Sustainability. The U.S. Glass Recycling Coalition met for the first time at the Glass Packaging Institute’s Spring Meeting in Washington, DC last month. [Read full article]

New York Gov. Cuomo Pushes to Modernize Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

Gov Cuomo Modernize ABC Law
Photo Credit: New York State Government

Governor Cuomo of New York made headlines last week when he announced that he would finally be pushing through changes to modernize NY’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. This sort of legislation change is not new to Cuomo, who enacted the Craft New York Act in 2014 and has been pushing for all sorts of other craft industry reforms since taking office. The new changes to the ABC law will expand Sunday sales, ease restrictions on the Two Hundred Foot law in regards to schools and places of worship, and will reduce fees for craft beverage salespeople, among other things. As you can see, the legislation changes are aimed at nurturing growth in the craft industry by cutting down the hassle of bureaucracy. “New York’s investments in the craft beverage industry have driven growth, created hundreds of jobs and unleashed a new optimism and energy amongst wineries, breweries, distilleries and cideries across the state,” said Governor Cuomo. “This new legislation will build on that progress by modernizing the state’s Blue Laws, cutting through the red tape and removing artificial barriers to growth.” [Read full article]

Small Buffalo Brewery: We’ll Pay to Get Budweiser ‘off our streets’

AB InBev America

Community Beer Works, a small Buffalo-based brewery, is doling out the big bucks to get Budweiser…I mean, America…off the streets of New York. Slogans of the buyback campaign include, ‘Help Clean Our Streets,’ and, ‘No Questions Asked’. Customers who bring in the fizzy, yellow drink will receive $1 for each can or bottle, up to $2, with that money going towards a pint in the taproom. Jokingly, COO Chris Smith said, “It’s clear that Unintended Consumption of Anheuser Busch (UCAB) can have possible negative effects. In our anecdotal experience, we’ve seen too many friends suffer from loss of taste enjoyment and paroxysms of patriotism. And while an allergic reaction is not likely nor am I even remotely qualified to say if it’s possible; if you experience one, you should seek immediate medical attention.” Community Beer Works representatives also noted the decision to buy back Bud products was fueled by the ‘America’ name change, negative ads towards the craft industry, and overall shady corporate practices of AB-InBev. [Read full article]

Edible 6-pack Rings Save Ocean Wildlife 

Saltwater Brewery, in partnership with We Believers, has created edible six-pack rings to protect ocean wildlife. As you’ve probably seen on the depressing, Sara McLachlan-fueled commercials, most of these plastic rings end up in the ocean and wrapped around turtles’ bodies or birds’ necks. Although cutting the plastic does help part of the problem, it is not the solution. Birds, fish, and turtles still end up with plastic pieces in their cute little animal bellies after mistaking the trash for a tasty snack. The newly-designed, edible rings are made from barley and wheat, byproducts of the brewing process. The ringed-holder is 100% biodegradable and if it does end up in the ocean (which is highly-likely), it will feed the sea animals instead of hurting them. Saltwater Brewery put the rings to the test and found them to be strong enough to withstand normal handling as well as a hit with customers. Now, the brewery hopes more industry stakeholders will consider using the eco-friendly product and minimize their utilization of plastics. [Read full article]

Dry Dock Brewing Company Releases 6-Pack Cans of Sour Apricot

Photo Credit: Dry Dock Brewing Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Dry Dock Brewing Facebook Page

Just in time for warm weather, Dry Dock Brewing Company has created a variation of their extremely popular and award-winning apricot beer. Fans may recognize the iconic mermaid from the Apricot Blonde cans rocking a fresh, blue hairdo on the new fruity creation called Sour Apricot. The brew was developed out of a series of kettle sour experiments at South Dock, created by adding Lactobacillus in the wort prior to fermentation. The end product packs rich apricot flavor in every can while retaining just the right amount of acidity. It is also quite sessionable for a hot summer day, ringing in at 5% ABV. Cans are expected to hit liquor store shelves this week and will join Dry Dock’s year-round canned Home Fleet. Dry Dock supporters can also win a free case of Sour Apricot by showcasing their best pucker face using the hashtag #sourapricot on Instagram or Facebook between now and June 2. For more details and updates, follow Dry Dock on Facebook at and on Instagram and Twitter @DryDockBrewing[Read full article]

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