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What We’re Drinking | September 30th

What We're Drinking
Dan Bortz

After looking through this week’s submissions, I’ve only been able to draw two definitive conclusions. First, Southeast Region Editor Johnathan Pylant drank a lot of beer this week, and, second, he’s not great at the #BovaPose. I mean he’s really not great at it, but that’s enough about his shortcomings. The rest of the staff delivered some real gems. Pull on your 1930s-style bathing suit, don your swim cap, and get ready to dive in like Scrooge McDuck. This is What We’re Drinking.


A Koval Cuvee of BCS from 2012-2014 | Goose Island Beer Co.

What We're Drinking
“A Koval Cuvee of BCS from 2012-2014 at the Goose Island Block Party.” – Mike Zoller

Helicity Pilsner | Big Storm Brewing Co.

What We're Drinking
“Delicious Pilsner out of Tampa, FL at Big Storm Brewing Co. Thanks for the hospitality! #FLBeer” – John Pylant

Whoops! Cranberry & Hibiscus Berliner Weisse | Coppertail Brewing Co.

What We're Drinking
“Less tart, more fruity in flavor but with that telltale funk smell & dryness on the tail end.” – John Pylant

Two Pump Chump Cookies & Cream Porter | Angry Chair Brewing

What We're Drinking
“This limited batch is amazing! I tried everything to convince them to fill my howler and they just wouldn’t fulfill my dreams because it’s that limited!” – John Pylant

The Giant Made of Shadows | Silver City Brewery 

What We're Drinking
“Silver City has been good to us out here in the PNW – both in their friendship and what they release. Giant Made of Shadows is no exception. This is my best attempt at the #BovaPose.” – Hannah Carlson

Boom Sauce | Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

"Click, Click..." - Danele Bova
“Click, Click…” – Danele Bova

High Fen Imperial Robust Porter | Escape Brewing Co.

What We're Drinking
“#Bovapose Tasty with a solid robust roasted quality.” – Devin Caster

Chocolate Milky Love Milk Stout with Cocoa Nibs | Escape Brewing Co.

What We're Drinking
“#Bovapose Fantastic balance of sweet and roast. Very well done!” – John Pylant

Anadromous Black Sour Ale |  Anchorage Brewing Co.

What We're Drinking
“Triple fermented, French Barrels/Pinot Noir & BB aged w Brett/ bottle conditioned. And then garnished with my tears of joy. DELICIOUS!!!!!!” – Mathew Powers

Sidamo Coffee Stout | Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

What We're Drinking
“When having breakfast for dinner, a coffee stout is a quintessential part of the meal! Hardywood’s Sidamo coffee stout is rich and slightly bitter/roasty with hints of blueberry.” – Danele Bova

Bourbon County Vanilla Rye | Goose Island Beer Co. 

What We're Drinking
“That is conservatively $3000 worth of Vanilla Rye that was drank last night. It’s probably worth closer to $5000.” – Mike Zoller

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