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The Weekly Buzz | January 6 – 12

Weekly Buzz
Dan Bortz

Things are finally getting back to normal after the holidays. There are no more family gatherings to attend, and I’m no longer in denial about how fat I’ve gotten. Beer news on social media is quickly ramping back up as everyone returns to work. We’ve got events, new beers, returning old beers, job announcements, events, and shenanigans. It’s like I have a purpose again! Settle in and prepare to live vicariously through my Weekly Buzz.

Another brewery trying to preserve the environment. HOORAY!

I can’t think of a better release date.

Go drink for a good cause!

An abnormal collaboration is happening.

I bet you hope those cans will make it to your area.

Will someone cook this for me?

I though Argyle was an engineer in Star Trek: The Next Generation

This seems like the opposite of “craft” to me.

New barrel-aged release coming soon!

Interesting news out of Michigan.

A long-awaited return!

Beer job! We’ve got a beer job here!

This. All of this. In my belly. Please.

Get the 2016 vintage while you can!

Every business can do a little more to help the environment!

I wish this photo was scratch-and-sniff.

If you can’t have beer, you should definitely have this.

More beer jobs!

Dare we say? It’s an “orgy” of beer?

Oh, Boulder Beer, the pipes, the pipes are calling…

I want eleventy-five cases.

Support these great causes!

Go taste some rare beers. You won’t regret it!

Some new art for an old standard.

This giveaway is EXTREME!

New beer alert!!!

I want to follow that barrel.

Turn it up to 11!

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