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Let’s Start a ‘Revolución’ | An Austin Brewery Made A Beer to Pair with Tacos

Let’s Start a ‘Revolución’ | An Austin Brewery Made A Beer to Pair with Tacos

Independence Brewing Co. (Austin, TX) and “The Tacos of Texas” authors start a ‘Revolución’ with new Saison made to pair with tacos.

Now, you know that is something we can get behind. Smashing tacos and skulling Saisons is, like, one of our top five favorite things to do during patio porch season.

On Monday, Independence Brewing Co., one of Texas’ original craft breweries, celebrated its release of Revolución Saison Ale, a limited release ale created specifically to pair with one of the Lone Star State’s favorite foods – tacos.

Revolución Saison Ale is the result of the Austin-based brewery’s partnership with the authors of “The Tacos of Texas,” a book that examines the history and recipes behind the state’s diverse styles of tacos, and their shared vision of brewing the perfect “taco beer.”

Austin brewery and “The Tacos of Texas” authors join forces to create Revolución Saison Ale


“We wanted a beer that is just as complex as a taco and one that would complement the citrus flavors found in Carnitas, fajitas marinade or pineapples in tacos al pastor,” said Mando Rayo, co-author of “The Tacos of Texas.”

Photo by Phaedra Cook courtesy of Houston Press

Dry-hopped with Summit and Strisselspalt hops, Revolución’s crisp, citrusy taste is balanced by the mild esters produced during fermentation that accentuate the herbal flavors in tacos like cumin, coriander, and cilantro. Independence’s saison is brewed with pale malt to be light-bodied and refreshing.

“The idea behind brewing Revolución was to embrace the herbal notes found in a traditional Saison while making the beer refreshing enough to drink on a hot summer day. Our saison had to be on the lighter side of the style and really crisp, something that would balance out the spicy elements of tacos,” said Amy Cartwright, co-founder of Independence Brewing Co.

Independence Brewing Co. first previewed Revolución at a launch party in its Austin taproom. During the event, City Councilmember Delia Garza officially declared July 1, 2017 as “Taco Revolución Day” in Austin, Texas.

Revolución Saison Ale (ABV: 5.6 percent) is available now on draft and in six-pack cans throughout Texas.

So, in summ(er)ation, these taco pros teamed up with some beer pros to make a beer to pair with tacos. How could you NOT totally be in love with this idea?! That’s what I thought. You ARE totally in love with this idea. Me too!

Now let’s go find some tacos, please?!

In other BREAKING NEWS from the Independence Brewing Co., the company announced today they will also begin distributing its lineup of award-winning beers throughout the state of Arkansas. The new territory signals the brand’s first expansion of distribution outside its home state of Texas.

Independence’ Brewing Co.’s core lineup of craft brews, which include Austin Amber, Liberty Lunch IPA, Redbud Berliner Weisse,  Power & Light Pale Ale and its top-selling Stash IPA, are available now in both on-premise bars and restaurants as well as off-premise retail stores. Little Rock-based Central Distributors and Moon Distributors have signed on as Independence’s wholesale partner throughout the Natural State.


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