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The Weekly Buzz | July 21 – 27

Weekly Buzz

If you’ve ever spent 12 hours in an amusement park with three young children, then you have a rough idea how my week has been. Although our family trip to Kennywood was ultimately a lot of fun, it did leave me in need of a beer or five. I’d like to toast all the parents out there for surviving these kinds of endeavors. As it’s the weekend once again, I invite you to raise a glass and enjoy The Weekly Buzz.

Enjoy a few beers and support some pups in need.

Speaking of dogs… I think yours would love a snack.

This is a beautiful machine with and even more beautiful purpose!

This is a great way to support ocean research!

These are a few of my favorite things!

They’re coming to a few new counties!

A literal ton. I want it now.

I think the kids would call this “Savage AF.”

Are you in need of a crash course?

Imagine all the Head Hunter IPA they’ll be able to brew!

Go win some 3-day passes!

There’s so much good beer in this region. This chapter is in for a great time!

Get your tickets while they last!

Mark your calendars!

I’ll never complain about seasonal drift again.

Would you like to serve some craft beers?

This should bring great beer to a lot of new markets!

Let’s celebrate craft beer’s independence!


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