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Ultimate 6er | Six Perfect Beers for Camping In The Midwest

Ultimate 6er | Six Perfect Beers for Camping In The Midwest

When summer hits, people find just about any reason to spend time outdoors. For many that means camping. While camping can mean something different for each person, I think we can all agree that craft beer is a perfect companion for spending time in the great outdoors. Canned craft beer is especially ideal because it is lighter, easier to recycle and doesn’t break like glass bottles.

If you are camping in the Midwest then grab these six canned beers to make the ultimate 6er for your adventures in nature.

Trotwood | Warped Wing Brewery

ABV: 4% | IBU: 12

Warped Wing describes this beer as “A crisp, cold-fermented beer. Best enjoyed in the middle of nowhere with family and friends.” In other words, it is the perfect craft beer to grab when you want to relax and enjoy a few cold beers with friends. And since they know you won’t be able to get enough of it, they’ve packaged it in 16oz cans.

The name for this beer comes from a company that used to make campers in Dayton, Ohio so it’s a great fit for this 6er. So whether you are out on the lake fishing or sitting around the camp fire; this easy going lager will add to the memories.

Two Hearted | Bell’s Brewery

ABV: 7% | IBU: 55

You can’t go wrong with the beer that was named America’s Favorite IPA. Bell’s Brewery Two Hearted has been a “go-to” for craft beer fans for years. It has big flavors of pine and grapefruit while being balance by the malt backbone. This makes it easy to drink and enjoy in any situation.

Take this one along for the moments when you want a beer that has tons of flavor while remaining drinkable.

Eugene | Revolution Brewing

ABV: 6.8% | IBU: 28

I know that many don’t think about dark beers in the summer but that’s a mistake. There’s times when a dark beer is the perfect fit and camping is one of them. While you probably won’t crack this one open when out on the lake or fishing; I think you would enjoy it sitting by the campfire.

Just imagine roasted marshmallows, cool summer night and a can of a robust porter. The warmth of the chocolate malt and medium body will be the perfect contrast to anything you’ve already drank that day.

Lizard King | Pipeworks Brewing

ABV: 6% | IBU: N/A

If you are a fan of mosaic hops then this is a beer to grab. Pipeworks Brewing says “Lizard King is light, crisp and refreshing. Mosaic hops make for one tropical, citrusy, and piney pale that gets our mojo risin’.”

I say this is a beer that punches you in the face with its strong hop profile. As a pale ale, it really lets the hops be the main star of this beer. At 6% ABV, it won’t over power you either and let you enjoy a few of them.

Pickle Gose | Urban Artifact

ABV: 4.3% | IBU: 11

Warning, this beer tastes like pickles. And I say that in the most sincere and honest way possible.

Made with 1,000 lbs of fresh cucumbers and 2 pounds of fresh dill weed, this is brewed for those that love pickles. Even though you are camping, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to pair beer with your food.

Just think, you grill out some burgers and drink this beer with it. It’s a perfect match that will make you want to drink beer with more of your meals.

All Day IPA | Founders Brewing

ABV: 4.7% | IBU: 42

It’s hard for me to talk about great canned beers without thinking of All Day IPA by Founders Brewing.

There are countless situations when a beer like this is just perfect and camping is one of them. One of the best parts about this beer if you can buy it in so many different formats. Bottles, 12oz cans, and 19.2oz cans. And the 12oz cans come in a 15 pack for when you need to stock up.

Feel free to relax and have a few of these since the ABV is low but the flavor isn’t.


Summer is short, before you know it the pumpkin beers will be here and we will be missing the hot summer days. Don’t miss the chance to get outside, have an adventure and enjoy some amazing craft beer.

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