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Crow Hop Brewing | Knee Knocker Porter

Crow Hop Brewing | Knee Knocker Porter
Bryan Oldham
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When you think of a porter, the first thing to come to mind is often the dark color and rich texture it has while sitting in its glass. You may wonder what exactly the difference is between a porter and a stout and why the heck they have to look so similar. Maybe the sheer excitement of a beer in front of you means you donít think about any of these things, and that is probably the most reasonable reaction. If youíre looking for a traditional porter, turn back now. If youíre looking for one that will surprise your taste buds, Crow Hop Brewing‘s Knee Knocker is where you should turn.

Knee Knocker is Perfect For the Impending Cold

Crow Hop Brewing celebrated its fourth anniversary in October, and they have come a long way since 2013. With six flagship beers and a consistent rotation of newcomers, thereís something for everyone. An exciting option on the menu is the Knee Knocker Porter. When poured, the Knee Knocker is dark like midnight and has a caramel colored head to it. The aroma is powerful and rich, not unlike an oatmeal stout. If youíve ever smelled Crow Hopís Night Owl Stout, youíd be hard-pressed to discern these brews by smell alone.

Knee Knocker Porter is not your traditional porter. Blending the tastes of a British ale and a porter, youíll be surprised by the first sip. The English mild flavor is the first thing to hit your tongue. Reminiscent of a cask ale, the round, robust flavor coats your tongue and leaves a slight sour taste. At the end of the sip, though, the porter barrels through with the roasted flavor and a little bit of sweetness from caramel. You canít go wrong choosing this beer as the weather begins to turn chilly, as it has something for nearly every beer fan wrapped into a nice package. You can find Knee Knocker in Northern Colorado liquor stores and Crow Hopís taproom in downtown Loveland.

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